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Your first consultation with Vida Fertility

At Vida Fertility, we believe that the first consultation is the most important step, as it is here that we will lay the foundation for your diagnosis and treatment. That is why we will take the time to understand your case and establish a 100% personalised protocol, adapted to your case.

This first appointment includes:

-First medical visit with a gynaecologist and fertility expert

-Full assessment of your medical history and fertility history

-Gynaecological examination (only for onsite consultations)

-Test results medical interpretation with personalised diagnosis

-Treatment plan, next steps and budget adapted to your case

Contact us and request your first consultation with Vida Fertility at our clinics or by video-consultation, according to your availability.

Assisted Reproduction Treatments in Madrid and Alicante

Personalised treatments for each patient.

At Vida Fertility Madrid and Alicante we offer the best assisted reproduction techniques to help you achieve your dream of becoming a mother.

Each of our treatments are aimed at couples with fertility problems such as male infertility, female infertility, secondary or mixed infertility, as well as couples of women and single women who wish to have a baby. In addition, many women choose to preserve their fertility with us. Take the first step and contact us.

artificial insemination
Artificial Insemination – IUI

Simple and painless ART that consists of introducing a semen sample into the patient’s uterus when she is ovulating.

in vitro fertilisation
In Vitro Fertilisation – IVF

It maximizes your chances of being a mom thanks to a controlled fertilisation in the laboratory.

egg donation
Egg Donation

This is the best opportunity to be a mother for patients whose eggs are no longer viable.

ROPA method
Ropa Method

Special treatment for lesbian couples where both mothers participate in the pregnancy of their baby.

egg freezing
Fertility Preservation

Freeze your eggs and decide when to become a mom, without giving up on the quality of your eggs and without any pressure.

Pregnancy guarantee

Your goal is our commitment.

We want you to become pregnant. We want you to enjoy your baby. But we know that sometimes things don’t work out right the first time. All our treatments come with an exceptional level of guarantees. And we have exclusive guarantee programmes to save you uncertainty and stress.

Vida Fertility offers treatments with innovative protocols and cutting-edge technology. Our team is by your side from the first contact until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to get to Vida Fertility clinics?

After completing this form, you will always receive a response from a specialist in assisted reproduction, so that you have a first clear and personalised information without waiting for your appointment.

Vida Fertility’s patient care team is looking forward to helping you, to solving all your doubts, and to accompanying you from the first step.

Send us your questions and start your journey towards your desired family. We are with you every step of the way.

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