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Vida Fertility’s family is growing! Today we would like to introduce you to Dr. Hector Izquierdo, a specialist in Assisted Reproduction and passionate about his work. Here he opens to us so you will know a little bit more about his professional background and experience in fertility.


Why did you choose to specialise in Assisted Reproduction?

To be very honest, it happened the other way around: assisted reproduction came to me.

During my residency, I was passionate about obstetrics (pregnancy care and delivery care) and, to tell the truth, it was the reason why I decided to study medicine in the first place.

Due to organisational changes in my department when I was starting my training as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, I was asked to cover the assisted reproduction department – usually one of the last and shortest rotations of the residency. And, it was love at first sight! The idea of being able to help people to have what we all consider to be the greatest love one can ever know, touched my heart so deeply that I could not and would not give it up.


Dr. Héctor Izquierdo, Is it as you expected?

It’s even better!

Honestly, it is not easy. The speciality of assisted reproduction requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. It’s a field in constant evolution and you need to keep yourself up to date in order not to be left behind. However, when everything goes well and you achieve the wanted goal, it is the most satisfying job you can ever have. A Fertility journey is a constant roller coaster of emotions for the patients, so if you are empathetic and establish with them a close relationship (which I think you should) you suffer a lot with your patients.

At the end of the day, as a doctor, I am at the patients’ service and for me to be able to be by their side and, many times, make their dream come true makes every day worthwhile.

I feel very grateful and lucky to not just have a job but to exercise my passion.


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What surprises you most about being a fertility specialist?

There are small things that are taken for granted that continue to amaze me and move me as if it was my first day; positive pregnancy test results, the day of the first ultrasound where my patients hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time… These are such magical moments, and the happiness felt is so deep that it makes me keep learning more day after day.

On a more scientific aspect, a moment that continues to dazzle me is when you watch the video of the embryo developing in the incubator and you see it becoming a blastocyst. As if the embryo was saying: “Here I am, and I have come to stay!”.

Finally, when I have the opportunity to see the “result” of so much effort: patients coming back to the clinic with their daughter or son to present her or him to me and the team. It is something that fills me tremendously.


How has Reproductive Medicine advanced since you were at the University?

A lot! As I said before, compared to other medical disciplines, fertility is a very new and developing field. Because of the new knowledge generated every day, there are absolute truths that have then become questions and or even myths.


Dr. Héctor Izquierdo, What do you think the future holds?

I think we still have a lot to learn about the precise mechanisms of how the relationship between the embryo and the uterus is established, so we can increase even further the implantation success rates.

The regenerative medicine applied to assisted reproduction and the work with stem cells seem to be very promising. I think these two fields have the most potential for scientific development.


What would you say about the bond created with patients?

The bond that is created with assisted reproduction patients is one of the most important things in fertility treatments because, according to numerous published studies, anxiety and stress negatively affect fertility. 

That is why establishing a relation of trust with our patients that allows them to let go and feel at ease is of vital importance in the process. On top of the trust, the human touch and being close to my patients is for me one of the keys of the treatment.

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What advice would you give to patients who are starting their fertility treatment?

First, I would say congratulations on taking this important step. Unfortunately, there are still many taboos and misconceptions about fertility. It is very difficult, first, to accept that something is not going well and, second, to ask for help, so congratulations on this first step.

Secondly, find a team that cares about innovation, to avoid wasting time and money.

Thirdly, look for a team with whom you feel free and comfortable, because only then will you be able to establish a bond of trust that will help you get through this emotionally difficult process.


If you need to clear any doubts, Dr. Héctor Izquierdo, as well as the entire professional team of Vida Fertility, is at your disposal.

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