Egg donation experiences: a patient’s journey at Vida Fertility

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In this article, we share the experience of egg donation from one of our UK patients who sent us her testimonial but wishes to remain anonymous. Though our fertility journey at Vida Fertility, she has found hope and success. Thanks to Dr. Katharina Spies our patient has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother. Here is her story and extracts of the letter she’s sent to the team.

The first step for an Egg Donation: choosing the right fertility clinic

After several unsuccessful IVF attempts in various countries, this courageous woman decided to explore fertility options in Spain. Her choice, after much deliberation: Vida Fertility in Madrid, a centre known for its human warmth and innovative treatments in assisted reproduction.

“In these 5 years, we have gone through every imaginable treatment. Today, we want to express how incredibly grateful we are to have found Dr. Spies and her wonderful team at Vida Fertility,” shares our patient in her letter.


Why Egg Donation?

Egg donation is an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) which uses for the fertilisation the donated egg of another woman – the egg donor. These eggs are fertilised with the sperm of the patient’s partner or of a donor. Subsequently, one of the resulting embryos is implanted in the uterus of the mother-to-be who will then get pregnant, carry, deliver, and raise the baby.

As Dr. Spies explained to her, given her medical history, egg donation treatment was the most viable solution for her to become a mum. This assisted reproductive treatment involving donated eggs has been a beacon of hope for many couples facing fertility challenges.

Egg donation experiences at Vida Fertility: Warmth, Empathy, and Professionalism

A connection at first sight with Vida Fertility.

From her first online consultation, our patient felt a deep connection with the team of Vida Fertility, highlighting the warmth and sensitivity of Dr. Spies and her staff.

“She gave us all the important information and didn’t pressure us to make decisions. From the first conversation, we were sure that we would undergo our assisted reproduction process at Vida Fertility,” says our egg donation patient.

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The Fertility Treatment: a path filled with hope.

After her initial online consultation with Dr Spies, our patient was in contact with Beatriz Pereira, one of the most compassionate members of our international patient care team.

The patient came to visit us in Madrid for the remaining tests for her treatment. During her fertility process, she received a very personalised attention, allowing her to feel secure and supported every step of the way.

About the day of her embryo transfer, she says, “…I was very nervous, but immediately felt fully taken care of and as if I were the most important person in the entire clinic. Dr. Spies was with me from the moment I entered the waiting room until the end of the process.”

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An assisted reproduction success story of Egg Donation

“Everyone at the clinic was extremely kind, patient, and sensitive, and I felt very relaxed throughout the process. Many warm words and gentle smiles gave me the feeling that everyone here understood my situation and were here to help me.

We now find ourselves in the new situation of being future parents and are expecting our beautiful miracle very soon.

We would highly recommend Vida Fertility to anyone who has already lost hope of becoming pregnant and having their baby.

Once again, our deepest thanks to Dr. Spies and the entire team for bringing so much happiness into our lives. God bless you all,” concludes our patient in her letter.

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