Epigenetics and Egg Donation

How Epigenetics Influences the Egg Donation Treatment

Are you dreaming of becoming a mother? Second and third failed IVF attempts? Perhaps egg donation is the assisted reproductive treatment that can open the doors to motherhood for you. In the following, Dr. Katharina Spies discusses what epigenetics is and how it influences and whether the future baby will resemble you physically.

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Epigenetics: What it is and what it means

It literally means ‘above’ (epi) the genome: Epigenetics is a Greek word, and its meaning is clear:

Epigenetics, also known as epigenomics, focuses on DNA changes that do not alter the underlying genetic sequence. These changes occur through chemical modifications to the DNA letters, influencing the activation or deactivation of genes. Some of these epigenetic modifications can be passed from mother cells to daughter cells during cell division or even from one generation to the next. The set of all these epigenetic changes in a genome is called an epigenome.

Therefore, we cannot solely explain who we are based on a sequence of our DNA. There are epigenetic markers that are highly relevant in the early stages of human development, such as pregnancy and infancy.

Epigenetics and Egg Donation: The Bond of the Future Baby

In egg donation treatment, the genetic sequence comes from the egg donor and the male partner or sperm donor. This means that the mother does not directly pass on her genetic sequence to the baby.

However, the mother’s impact throughout the pregnancy can lead to changes in epigenetics and influence how the baby’s genes will be expressed after birth. This means that the mother’s behavior during the 9 months of pregnancy, such as what she eats, drinks, exposure to stress, or toxic environments, has a significant influence on the child.

How epigenetics involves the future baby: Will they physically resemble me?

As we’ve already mentioned, epigenetics allows us to understand how the environment in which an individual develops can affect modifications in the expression of different genetic traits.

Epigenetics plays a crucial role in the future baby, as the environment in which they grow and the influence of their family will contribute to the development of traits that resemble their parents much more. From the beginning of their development in the mother’s womb, the mother’s lifestyle will condition the expressions that her child develops.

While genetics are predetermined, epigenetics is not static and undergoes changes throughout life. It’s not uncommon to hear women who have become mothers through egg donation claim that they find strong resemblances with their children.

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Furthermore, epigenetics also influences a child’s behavior, as the child will naturally adopt gestures and ways of expressing themselves from the people they live with, regardless of their genetic makeup. These traits are what lead us to find similarities among individuals, beyond physical resemblances. We are referring to both personality and the gestures they progressively acquire.

Evidence of the real impact of stress on epigenetics is still lacking, but it is believed to play an important role and can induce lasting changes in the expression of certain genes.

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The key to embracing genetic mourning in egg donation: Epigenetics

One of the best ways to overcome the genetic mourning of egg donation is to understand the bond established between the mother and the embryo even before implantation and during pregnancy development. This communication refers to the power of epigenetics, an intense bond that exists in both pregnancies with one’s own gametes and those with donated eggs.”

“It is very common for couples who decide to undergo gamete donation treatment to have many questions about the donors and to face epigenetic mourning during the different phases of preparation and treatment. At Vida Fertility, we are fully available to listen to your questions and support you throughout this process, both during preparation and pregnancy. It is extremely important to feel physically and emotionally prepared to embark on this journey and to trust the team of professionals who will accompany you on your path,” says Dr. Katharina Spies, Medical Director of Vida Fertility Madrid.

How is the donor selected in egg donation?

In egg donation, selecting the appropriate donor is a crucial process to ensure the success of the treatment and to ensure physical similarity between the donor and the receiving mother.

At Vida Fertility Institute, our team of medical experts works closely with you to find a donor. Who shares similar physical characteristics with you, such as eye color, blood type, hair type and color, complexion, and others.

The Egg Donation Program at Vida Fertility

At Vida Fertility, we have designed an exclusive Egg Donation Program that, under the guidelines of SEF, aims to go a step further in terms of quality and the patient’s or donor’s experience.

Our team personally selects the donors. They undergo all necessary comprehensive tests, control the stimulation protocols, and perform the puncture. Link punción ovárica- This allows us to have greater control over the quality of the process.

We place great emphasis on selecting the appropriate donor for each patient and on carrying out synchronized donation with the patient’s endometrial preparation.

This personalized approach allows us to offer you a meaningful and authentic egg donation experience, bringing you even closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother.


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At Vida Fertility Institute, our highly qualified team will guide you through every step of the egg donation process, providing you with emotional support and personalized medical care. With egg donation, motherhood takes on new dimensions, allowing you to create an unbreakable bond with your future baby.

Schedule an appointment with our specialists at Vida Fertility Institute and start your wonderful journey to motherhood!