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If you have come this far, you may be going through a difficult time, wondering if you will ever become a mother.
If you have come this far, don’t give up, let us be the hope you were looking for.

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Vida Fertility Institute Natasa Tuñon

Natasa Tuñon
International Patient Care
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What happens at your initial appointment with Vida Fertility?

The first consultation is crucial in defining the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan. At Vida Fertility, we are committed to developing a personalised strategy that includes :

  • An initial appointment with a gynecologist and fertility specialist
  • A comprehensive review of your medical and fertility history
  • A gynecological exam (for in-person visits only)
  • An embryo transfer trial (for in-person visits only)
  • Detailed analysis of test results and diagnosis
  • A treatment strategy, outlining the next steps and a budget customized for you

Get in touch to schedule your first consultation with Vida Fertility at our facilities or via video call, based on your convenience.

Fertility Treatments in Madrid and Alicante

Unique patient – Unique treatment.

Vida Fertility’s Madrid and Alicante clinics are dedicated to employing state-of-the-art assisted reproduction technologies to fulfil your dream of parenthood.

We provide specialised treatments for couples facing challenges such as male or female infertility, secondary infertility, or mixed infertility issues, as well as for women couples and single women wishing to conceive. Furthermore, we are a preferred choice for women looking to preserve their fertility. Reach out to begin your journey with us.

artificial insemination
Artificial Insemination – IUI

A gentle and painless treatment, involving the introduction of a sperm sample into the uterus at the time of peak ovulation.

in vitro fertilisation
In Vitro Fertilisation – IVF

Treatment that optimises your chances of motherhood by fertilising the eggs in the laboratory.

egg donation
Egg Donation

The treatment of choice for women who are unable to conceive using their own eggs.

ROPA method
Ropa Method

An option for couples who want to share the experience of their child’s pregnancy together.

egg freezing
Fertility Preservation

Egg cryopreservation gives you the freedom to choose when to give birth, while preserving eggs quality.

We guarantee the success of your treatment

Your goal is our priority.

At Vida Fertility, our aim is to help you realise your dreams of motherhood, even if this can sometimes take time. We offer advanced fertility treatments, supported by cutting-edge protocols and state-of-the-art technology. Our team will guide you from the outset right through to the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy, offering you constant support and solutions tailored to your needs to alleviate your worries and stress.

Where are Vida Fertility clinics?

Vida Fertility Madrid

Calle Palermo, 15

28043 Madrid

Vida Fertility Alicante

Avenida Óscar Esplá 1, bajo
03008 Alicante

Once you have submitted the form, an assisted reproduction expert will contact you promptly to provide you with precise, personalised information even before your consultation.

Our dedicated patient support team at Vida Fertility look forward to assisting you, clarifying your questions and guiding you from the start of your fertility journey.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have to help you realise your dream of a family. We’ll be with you every step of the way.