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Free Online Consultation to meet our new fertility expert Dr. Beatriz Fernandez – 29th June 2024.

You can even do it first thing in the morning with an early call at 7am UK time on the 29th of June!

Book your private video consultation with Dr. Beatriz Fernandez now. This is a unique opportunity to get the answers to all your questions about IVF treatments and to talk together about the reproductive solutions that are right for you and your needs. She will take as much time as you need.

Complete the form to book your appointment and we will contact you to arrange the time and prepare the consultation. Appointments are subject to the clinic’s agenda. Please let us know of several available hours on the 29th June.

What to expect from your individual appointment?

  • Informative consultation with a top gynaecologist, specialised in fertility.
  • Guidance on future tests (if needed), timelines and steps to follow.
  • Development of an individualised treatment and therapy plan.
  • Professional support and fertility options that suits you and your needs.

Our team will be there for you. A team committed and prepared for your well-being. Experts in fertility and passionate about this path that leads to a new life.

Online patient meeting with Dr. Beatriz Fernandez, our new fertility specialist

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Dr. Beatriz Fernandez is a renowned gynecologist specializing in assisted reproduction. With extensive knowledge in managing implantation failures, ovarian insufficiency, and uterine pathologies such as endometriosis, fibroids, and adenomyosis, she offers compassionate and scientifically advanced care.

She is fluent in Spanish, German, and English, and is currently learning French to better serve her diverse patient base. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine and her dedication to improving women’s health make her a leading figure in her field.