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Our warranties

Your goal is our commitment.

We want you to get pregnant. We want you to enjoy your baby. But we know that sometimes things don’t go right the first time. All of our treatments come with an exceptional level of guarantees. And we have exclusive guarantee programs to save you uncertainty and stress.

Warranty included

Blastocyst Transfer in Egg Donation

In all our Egg Donation programs, we ensure the transfer of embryos at day 5 to 6 of development. All at no additional cost.

Egg Donation

Get pregnant with every guarantee

Aimed at patients under 50 years of age. We transfer, at no additional cost or time limit, up to 7 blastocysts.


We guarantee you will hold your baby in your arms.

Aimed at patients under 35 years of age. We include, with no time limit, three IVF cycles with PGT-A with all embryo transfers. If it is necessary to go on to Egg Donation, we will discount 30%.


Warranty extension

Because your goal is our goal.
Not just that you have your baby, but that it happens as soon as possible.

Because every patient is different, every treatment has to be different. Tailored to your medical needs and your personal circumstances, with the goal of having a baby and having it as soon as possible.

The personalization of the treatments allows us to be able to offer different guarantee programs for each patient depending on their needs.

Blastocyst Guarantee Included in all our Egg Donation Programs

· In all our Egg Donation programs we guarantee blastocyst transfer (embryos at day 5/6 of development).
· Egg Donation Programs (Standard, Premium and Premium+) are individually designed for each patient taking into account all medical and personal circumstances and history.
· Our doctors will help you design the most appropriate program for you, to get your baby in the shortest time possible and avoid adding more emotional and economic wear to this difficult process.


Guarantee of pregnancy with Egg Donation

· For patients under 50 years of age (recipient).
· Up to a maximum of 7 blastocysts transferred, including all transfers at no additional cost.

No time limit. Remember that your goal is our goal: to have your baby. We are here to help you become a mother.

Check the medical conditions to be included in this program.

IVF Pregnancy Guarantee

· For patients under 35 years old.
· Three IVF cycles with PGT-A included, as well as all embryo transfers performed.
· No time limit. Remember that your goal is ours: to have your baby. You can switch to the Egg Donation Program of your choice and benefit from a 30% discount on it. We are here to help you become a mother.

Check the medical conditions to be included in this program.