What is non-invasive
embryo testing?

It is a technique that allows us to identify the embryos most likely to be chromosomally normal and prioritize the transfer of the best one.

For whom is it?

This test is indicated for all those patients who want to increase their chances of pregnancy without using invasive techniques. At Vida Fertility Institute our goal is to offer effective solutions to all fertility problems. We believe that the non-invasive embryo test is an ideal advance for those couples who want to know what their most optimal embryos are and thus live their reproductive treatment in a calmer and safer way.

What is the Non-Invasive
Embryo Testing process like?

In order to carry out the test we will perform a traditional in vitro fertilization cycle in our laboratory. After fertilization of the oocytes we will leave the embryos in culture. On day 4 of this embryo culture we separate the embryos into independent drops in a new culture environment. Subsequently, on day 6, we vitrify the embryos that have sufficient quality and we carefully collect this medium in which the embryos have been in the last 48 hours under a rigorous protocol and we analyze it. The embryos with the highest probability will obtain the highest score and will therefore have priority to be transferred first.