What if…?

I can still conceive naturally?

I regret starting IVF right away?

I’m not ready?


What if…?

I can still conceive naturally?

I regret starting IVF right away?

I’m not ready?

The power of nature

We believe in IVF and Eggdonation. We believe science is amazing, but…

We also believe nature is powerful and unpredictable.

We believe your body is wiser than you think

How does it work?


1. First consultation

Personal live video consultation with our fertility experts.


2. In-home testing

To evaluate your reproductive health we will send you testing kits for collection in the privacy of your home. Once collected, simply return the kit to us. No need to travel to a lab or medical facility.


3. Your plan to boost your natural fertility.

Your typical treatment course normally lasts for about three months. We will conduct frequent follow-ups to ensure you are doing well and to determine any future treatment plans. You will receive clear and precise instructions at home, as well as a prescription for any medications that may be needed.

NO needles!

Three chances

For each treatment of the “Natural Life” program, our doctors will prescribe up to three complete cycles. In this way, the treatments can be adapted in each cycle to finally achieve pregnancy.

The final follow-up consultation

The follow-up consultations will be performed until the results of the pregnancy test is obtained.

Our protocol offers great results in young couples without specific fertility problems, as well as in women with poor or irregular ovulation.


1. Guided lifestyle changes

You will learn the habits that increase your natural fertility. Don’t want to change your lifestyle? We guide you to increase your pregnancy options within the lifestyle you want to maintain.


2. Mock cycle

We will perform a test cycle, in which you will undergo on your own hormonal tests prescribed by our specialists, to understand in depth your natural cycle and prescribe the appropiate medication and lifestyle changes in order to boost your natural cycle.

3. The real cycle. Go for it!

Once the cycle and hormone levels in the test cycle are known, intercourse will be planned on certain dates by prescribing hormonal medications to enhance follicular development and control spontaneous ovulation. The only injection you will receive is an hCG injection to induce ovulation.

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