Testimonios y tasas de éxito

Testimonios y tasas de éxito


Estos son los testimonios y tasas de éxito que recogemos en las clínicas Vida Fertility.

Comprendemos profundamente los desafíos que enfrentan aquellos que sueñan con formar una familia. Cada testimonio e historia real es esperanza, y nuestras tasas de éxito en tratamientos de FIV – Fecundación in vitro, IA – Inseminación artificial y Ovodonación – FIV con óvulos de donante reflejan nuestro compromiso con tu futuro.

Descubre las experiencias de quienes eligieron confiar en nosotras para hacer realidad su sueño de ser padres. Conoce de primera mano cómo hemos transformado la vida de nuestros pacientes y cómo podemos ayudarte a alcanzar tu sueño de paternidad o maternidad.

Mamá de Lucas

Me sentí desde el primer momento escuchada, comprendida y, sobre todo, sentí que mi tratamiento iba por fin en la dirección adecuada.

Mamá de Oliver

Tenía que poner una solución a mi maternidad si quería seguir con mi carrera y no conformarme con cualquier pareja. Elegí bien.

Mamá de Chloe

Es increíble como desde la más absoluta resignación, estos médicos me levantaron el ánimo. Consiguieron mi embarazo y me devolvieron mi Vida. Hacen honor a su nombre


Hola querida señora Ortega,
Usted y todo el equipo de Vida Fertility nos hacen muy felices. Por fin un alivio que nos puedan ayudar.

Muchas gracias a usted y a todos los demás por la gran atención y el trabajo de calidad excepcional. La alta calidad significa mucho para nosotros. Esperamos que en 2024 podamos tener un bebé sano y lleno de amor en nuestros brazos.❤️


Gracias a la Dra. Spies, y gracias a seguir todos sus consejos, el mejor momento del tratamiento llegó: estaba embarazada.


No sabía si sería capaz de quedarme embarazada algún día y ahora, embarazada de 5 meses gracias a Vida Fertility.


Recomiendo Vida Fertility. Realmente están ahí para ti, para ayudarte, son muy humanos y, el mejor regalo que tuve: mi bebé.


Mi camino no fue fácil. Después del segundo intento, estoy feliz de decir que en dos meses conoceré a mi pequeñita.

Carine G.

Tanta dulzura, benevolencia y profesionalismo que me permitieron vivir el sueño de ser mamá.

Tratamiento por ovodonación

Recomendamos encarecidamente Vida Fertility a todos aquellos que ya han perdido la esperanza y quieran volver a intentarlo por última vez.

Tasas de Éxito según el tratamiento de fertilidad



Fecundación in
Vitro – FIV- ICSI

Test positivo



Test positivo


Diagnóstico Genético Preimplantacional

Testimonials and Success Rates

*Nuestro equipo avala la obtención de tasas superiores a la media española. Las tasas mostradas son el resultado que nuestro equipo ha conseguido en los últimos años.

Reviews, testimonios y tasas de éxito de nuestros pacientes

celine meyerceline meyer
16:29 21 May 24
Please be very careful with payments! You won't get your money back!I really had faith in this clinic, but then I had to cancel for medical reasons. I was assured verbally and in writing in advance that if I had to cancel, the deposit would be returned (as long as I hadn't had any treatment on site, of course)Now the case has occurred and suddenly that no longer counts and you are referring to the terms and conditions that I had specifically agreed upon in advance. Now I'm paying 1000 euros for the evaluation of 2 ultrasounds! I would definitely not transfer money there again.I discussed the case specifically and was assured IN WRITING and BEFORE the transfer that I would get the deposit back if I had to cancel. (as long as I haven't had any treatment on site, of course)Now this is simply ignored and 1000 EURO!!!!! will be retained!!!!Update: Thank you very much for your reply on 05/22/24Unfortunately, this is not true and they know it. I sent you the print screen from your email. Before signing and before paying, I was assured that if I had to cancel (before treatment had begun on site) we would find a solution and I would not have to pay the 1000 euros. This is part of our agreement.They are also not available via email to find a solution, but they have simply decided to keep this money even though it was agreed otherwise.
Iago Caamaño RochaIago Caamaño Rocha
18:05 14 May 24
Excellent service and attention
Sylvie Tchaptchi KabseSylvie Tchaptchi Kabse
08:30 13 May 24
Madam hello I cannot follow up without saying thank you and you are really great and I highly recommend you and see you soon for the next ultrasound stay as you are a wonderful team thank you thank you
S. B.S. B.
10:25 12 May 24
Vida Fertility cannot be reached via phone or email and does not respond to emails or phone calls. It seems that the clinic is closed.
Albert BurgAlbert Burg
14:49 06 May 24
Vida the first fine address in Madrid!The clinic is very personal, professional and sensitive. The team is helpful and available at any time.Miss Dr. Spies is a very successful and conscientious doctor.She runs this clinic with heart and mind, which is how she achieves success for her customers.I can highly recommend this clinic to everyone. The customer is in good hands here.
Eduardo SantiagoEduardo Santiago
10:40 06 May 24
Rebeca Abajo VallejoRebeca Abajo Vallejo
19:27 28 Apr 24
Thank you so much!!! I am 5 and a half weeks pregnant and in a few days I will have my echo. I hope everything is fine but I have to thank you for everything I experienced and for all the support and treatment received. I have felt like family and very loved... I have nothing but good words for Dr Katy, Silvia and Lucía and the entire Vida Fertility team. I await my echo with enthusiasm and much happiness. A hug to all!!!
19:15 11 Apr 24
I took a lot of time to choose the clinic that would support me for my project. So I chose Vida Fertility and it was a wonderful experience for me, I was very well supervised and followed for the preparation of my project. I did IVF with double donation (egg and sperm), I got pregnant on the first attempt and I am expecting a baby who is doing very well for the beginning of November. I wish you all to experience a magical moment with Vida Fertility as I experienced it.Another big thank you to the whole team 🥰
Philippe HayottePhilippe Hayotte
14:06 01 Mar 24
After 17 years of fighting to be parents, we turned to Spain and contacted Vida Fertility, what professionalism and efficiency, the warmest welcome, all the organization for our arrival and of course their skills make us happy parents today, we are very grateful to them for allowing us to have our son Léandro, I highly recommend this clinic, thank you very much.
Ariana Sánchez-HugueAriana Sánchez-Hugue
12:02 09 Feb 24
I only have words of gratitude for the Vida clinic, for its entire human team, who are wonderful, always attentive to everything, so kind, empathetic, in moments where there are a lot of nerves, they make you calm and sure that you are in the best hands and of course to Dr. Spies, who has been very affectionate in all the stages during the treatment, very close and very professional. As soon as we visited the clinic, it was clear to us, that was where we were going to try to be parents again, and after the first transfer we can say that we have achieved it. Many thanks to the entire team for the work done and the attention received. Eternally grateful.
Lulu LuluLulu Lulu
22:03 19 Jan 24
David CalvoDavid Calvo
15:45 30 Dec 23
Good treatment and attention from the team in general. Although we were not successful in our first transfer, we have all our hopes for the next one. We trust the team's forecasts, let's cross our fingers 🤞.
Flo DelaloireFlo Delaloire
11:27 18 Sep 23
The best fertility clinic! After 2 unsuccessful IVFs in a well-known clinic in Barcelona, ​​I changed to this Vida Fertilidad clinic, heading to Alicante for me (magnificent city). You can also choose the Madrid site but I wanted to reassure myself and be by the sea 😄... At 44 years old I had a little boy thanks to the advanced techniques of this clinic (ovarian regeneration, pre-implantation analyses.. .). An incredibly caring team! A thank you for Life!
Jairo FernandezJairo Fernandez
15:37 15 Sep 23
Excellent experience, the treatment of all the staff is excellent but I especially want to highlight the attention of Andrea Perilla, nurse and also coordinator, a person with excellent skills with whom I had the joy of meeting for this procedure who became a friend, He is that person who can always be trusted, definitely the best at what he does, I hope that his work in this company continues to be valued because he deserves it tqm Andrea, you are a wonderful being ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ att: GAM
06:56 08 Sep 23
A beautiful clinic. All the staff make you feel at home. I found Dr. Elena excellent. The assistant and the nurse, very kind. A lot of time was spent on my first visit, and for me it has been a very quality time. Everything super well explained.I am sure I have chosen the perfect clinic. 🙂
A huge thank you also!After a long and painful journey in France, 8 IVFs and a miscarriage, I am now 3 months pregnant at 41 years old!We obtained 3 D5 embryos following the egg donation and the first transfer gave rise to this unexpected pregnancy which had been awaited for several years!We deeply thank the entire VIDA Fertility Madrid team, and particularly Dr SPIES, Sonia and Andrea, for their kindness, support and professionalism.The follow-up was perfect for the initial examinations, the creation of the file and the development of the protocol.The clinic is on a human scale, the premises are very pleasant and the team took great care of us!We are deeply grateful to VIDA Fertility!Sophie and Pierre
13:25 16 Aug 23
Thank you so much for helping us to build a family, thanks to Vida Fertility we had our 2nd baby so long awaited, immense happiness. I leave my opinion to encourage people who also have difficulties, and that I wish you deserve this joy of life... Vida fertility team is there from beginning to end I had the chance to meet you. I'm so happy this baby is a dream. Thank you so much.
11:36 16 Aug 23
A big thank you to the Vida Fertility team and especially to Dr Spies who was able to listen to me and analyze my entire previous journey, she knew how to take my pain into account and to find the protocol that would suit me.The whole team has been by my side without ever letting me down, supporting me.Today, I am the mother of a beautiful little boy.My miracle has finally arrived thanks to Vida Fertility, I don't know how to thank them.I highly recommend this clinic for having tried others … they are competent, caring and human.
dandeniya hewayalagedandeniya hewayalage
11:18 28 Jul 23
I think I'm in good hands 🙌
laetitia sylvainelaetitia sylvaine
16:03 02 Jul 23
Thank you to all this benevolent team for having realized my dearest dream, with gentleness, humanism and professionalism. I could not have chosen a better institute for my protocol. My regards to the whole team.
Fertility ActiveFertility Active
08:11 14 May 23
One of the best clinic in Spain!!
juan bustelojuan bustelo
09:08 02 Jun 22
We received a wonderful service. Great team, outstanding professionals. We have found our experience to be flawless. We recommend it without hesitation.
Familie SchmittFamilie Schmitt
19:11 16 Mar 22
We are very satisfied with the clinic. Dr. Szlarb explained the whole treatment process well and took a lot of time to answer all our questions. The care of the whole team was also great. We had many questions during the treatment and they were answered within a very short time. We feel that we are in very good hands.

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13 Dic: La historia del embarazo y testimonio de Lucía y Elena por Método Ropa

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23 Dic: A mi donante anónima: Gracias de corazón

Pacientes de Vida Fertility nos han hecho llegar una carta de agradecimiento para su donante anónima. Gracias a su gesto han conseguido ser padres.

Estos testimonios y tasas de éxito en Vida Fertility es un reflejo de nuestro compromiso con la excelencia y la atención personalizada.

Cada historia de éxito es un testimonio de la pasión y dedicación que ponemos en nuestra labor en Vida Fertility. Te invitamos a explorar estas historias inspiradoras y descubrir cómo podemos ayudarte a alcanzar tu sueño de ser padre o madre.

Tu viaje hacia la paternidad comienza aquí, no será fácil, pero estamos listos para acompañarte, apoyarte y tomar las mejores decisiones en cada paso del camino.