Meet Vida Fertility

Meet Vida Fertility

Our mission is to change and naturalize the perception of fertility treatments. To do this, we have the best options backed by a scientific basis and an intensive diagnosis of each case.

Chloe's mom

It is incredible how from absolute resignation, these doctors lifted my spirits. They got me pregnant and gave me my Life back. They live up to their name.

Oliver's mom

I had to find a solution to my motherhood if I wanted to pursue my career and not settle for just any partner. I made the right choice.

Lucas' mom

I felt from the first moment I was listened to, understood and, above all, I felt that my treatment was finally going in the right direction.


Hello dear Mrs Ortega,
you and the whole team of Vida fertility make us so happy. Finally a relief that we can be helped! Many thanks to you and all the others for the great care and exceptional quality work. This high quality means a lot to us. We hope that in 2024 we can take a healthy baby full of love into our arms.❤️


Thanks to Dr. Kathi’s support and by following all her advice, the best moment of the treatment came: I got pregnant.


I didn’t know if I would ever be able to get pregnant and now I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy.


It hasn’t been easy an easy journey. But after two attempts, I’m happy to say that, in two months’ time, I’ll be meeting my little girl.

Lucy and Helen

Being able to experience this shared motherhood has been a gift for the two of us.
THANK YOU to this great team for everything!

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We highly recommend Vida Fertility to anyone who has already given up hope and wants to give it one last try.

Vida Fertility Clinics

Vida Fertility’s clinics offer a warm and welcoming environment, as well as the latest technology in Reproductive Medicine. Our patients feel listened to and in good hands, and we create a bond of trust that undoubtedly makes their experience at the Vida Fertility unique.

clinique vida fertility madrid

Vida Fertility Madrid

C. Palermo, 15

28043 Madrid

vida fertility alicante

Vida Fertility Alicante

Avenida Óscar Esplá, 1

03008 Alicante

Meet Vida Fertility Team, committed to our patients

Vida Fertility team is made up of the best specialists in Reproductive Medicine who offer efficient solutions through personalised fertility diagnosis and treatment.

Gynaecologists specialised in fertility and reproductive medicine, embryologists who are experts in embryo development, nurses and patient coordinators, all have an essential role to play in supporting the patient, both medically and emotionally, resulting in comprehensive, personalised and patient care oriented experience with the clinic.

We support our patients throughout the entire process, giving them the security, comfort and confidence they need to form their family.

équipe vida fertility
Dr. Katharina Spies

Dr. Katharina Spies
Medical Director

Dr. Elena Santiago

Dr. Elena Santiago Romero
Gynaecologist Specialised in Infertility

Dr. Marta Zermiani

Dr. Marta Zermiani
Gynaecologist Specialised in Infertility

clinique espagne à taille humaine

Human-sized fertility clinics

Vida Fertility Institute is an assisted reproduction clinic in Spain offering an exceptional level of care and personalised treatment. This is made possible by a human-sized structure specially designed for patient care and offer them the attention and support they need.