Vida Fertility Institute

At Vida Fertility, we focus on personalised support and advanced medicine.

We offer solutions that focus on personalised diagnosis by applying the latest technological advances. At Vida Fertility, we believe that better outcomes can only be achieved through personalised treatment. Both medically and emotionally, we help our patients make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Yes, you can be a mother.

The road to becoming a mother is not easy: ultrasound scans, needles, hormones, consultations with different specialists, tests and more tests. Then again, it isn’t easy either. But we believe it is worth it.

Each patient is unique

We do not believe in ready-made formulas.

Our treatment strategy puts the patient at the centre. We apply our experience and technology to develop the best treatment in a completely individualised way.

Vida Fertility offers specialised fertility solutions for complex infertility situations.

Your options, your decision

Fertility is a complex and very intimate subject. We fully understand that each patient is unique and has different personal circumstances. Therefore, our approach goes hand in hand, with each patient by understanding their expectations, accompanying them on their journey, taking into account their schedule whilst offering our professional advice and support.

We see opportunity where others see difficulties

Our treatments


Regenerative Medicine

Thanks to its versatility, this technology allows different formulations of plasma rich in growth factors to be obtained. [+] know more

tratamiento método ROPA

ROPA Method

The ideal treatment for your baby to have two real moms. [+] know more

tratamiento inseminación artificial

Artificial insemination

With your partner or an anonymous donor, your chances of pregnancy increase. Insemination with ovarian stimulation and semen selection. [+] know more

tratamiento de fecundación in vitro

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

It maximizes your chances of being a mom thanks to controlled fertilization in the laboratory. [+] know more

tratamiento de ovodonación

Egg donation

This is the best opportunity to be a mother for patients whose eggs are not viable. [+] know more

tratamiento preservación de fertilidad

Fertility preservation

Decidewhen to become a mom when it is your time, without giving up the quality of your eggs and without any pressure. [+] know more