VIDA FERTILITY INSTITUTE, as a center specialized in assisted reproduction treatment, we are committed to the satisfaction of our patients and compliance with all health requirements that apply to us.

We are aware of the importance and the need for a good organization and management of resources. That is why we have decided to implement and maintain a QUALITY SYSTEM based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The general guidelines established by the Management of VIDA FERTILITY INSTITUTE to develop the attainment of the objectives are the following:

  • To guarantee patient satisfaction and offer a top quality service that corresponds to their real needs and is backed by a scientific basis, in addition to offering them a professional treatment that makes us worthy of their trust.
  • To meet all the requirements demanded by the current legislation on assisted reproduction techniques, as well as to follow the recommendations of new scientific advances and the Spanish Fertility Society.
  • Compliance with national and international biosafety standards, legal requirements and those agreed with the interested parties.
  • To have the latest technology in reproductive medicine in our facilities in order to guarantee the implementation of all the advances available for each treatment.
  • To provide each of our professionals with all the necessary means so that they can carry out their tasks with the utmost efficiency, since our staff is the driving force behind the quality of our service.
  • To maintain confidentiality in the use and filing of data, information and medical history related to patients using our services.
  • To establish a commitment to the continuous progress of the Quality Management System in order to improve the services provided. In this sense, we will encourage the participation of our staff with ideas and proposals for improvement.
  • To provide all the resources and means necessary for the achievement of the quality objectives and the correct implementation of the Quality Management System.
  • To carry out a system of evaluation and comparison of suppliers and external contractors, in order to guarantee maximum quality in our service.

This Policy shall be understood and implemented by all levels of the organization and made available to other interested parties.


Almudena Moreno Edesa

Chief Executive Officer