patient care

Patient care

Spain is the leading European country in assisted reproduction thanks to its advanced technology and high success rates.

Vida Fertility, an international clinic, receives a large number of patients from outside Spain and focuses all its efforts on providing a quality service and facilitating your experience from a distance.

Your trip to Spain

In order to facilitate your travel, we provide a transport service to the airport after the transfer as well as a booking service for your plane and hotel bookings.

The length of your stay will depend on your treatment. Our protocols are established to avoid too many trips and facilitate your logistics.

Our clinics are easy to reach

We are particularly attentive to your needs and want your visits to be in the most appropriate setting possible. Our centers in Madrid and Alicante are easily accessible and close to the airports of both cities.

Our english-speaking gynecologists

We speak English

We know that travelling to a country and talking to doctors or nurses in another language can be uncomfortable. At Vida, we make your experience more pleasant with our international team. Our English department helps to meet this need.

Dr. Katharina Spies

Remote Follow-up protocol

We make sure that you receive a treatment tailored to your needs in order to give you the best chances of success. Our team of specialists will accompany you every step of the way. Thanks to our remote follow-up protocol, you will be able to start your treatment without leaving your home.

You will receive a detailed treatment plan, as well as the corresponding prescriptions, and your personal assistant will be present to help you every step of the way.

Response in less than 24 hours.

 At Vida we guarantee a response within 24 hours. The Vida Fertility team is available to provide answers to all your doubts and to accompany you from the first steps.

A specialized team to answer your questions

Our team is at your disposal and ready to answer any of your questions.

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Whastapp : +34 722 66 21 64

Natasa Tuñon has specialized in patient follow-up for more than ten years and is in charge of the the English department.

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Natasa Tuñón