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24 Jul: World Embryologists’ Day 25 July: the story of the first test-tube baby

We tell you the history of 25 July and why it is celebrated as World Embryologists’ Day and the first test-tube baby.

24 Jul: Sperm capacitation: what it is, values and tests in the in vitro laboratory

Find out what sperm capacitation is and how it improves the chances of success in fertility treatments. All about the techniques and benefits

10 Jul: Dr. Beatriz Fernández fertility expert at Vida Fertility Madrid

Meet Dr. Beatriz Fernández, gynaecologist and specialist in Vida Fertility Madrid and find out her secrets to achieve pregnancy.

05 Jul: Male Fertility Tests: tests and prices

Discover the male fertility tests we perform at Vida Fertility: semen analysis, testicular biopsy, karyotype and many more.

04 Jul: Female Fertility Tests: types, prices and why they are important

Find out what female fertility tests are at Vida Fertility, how they are performed and why they are essential to get pregnant.

22 Jun: Difficulties getting pregnant? Get to know the EndomeTRIO Test

EndomeTRIO test optimises endometrial receptivity with ERA, EMMA and ALICE to improve your fertility treatments at Vida Fertility.

18 Jun: Secondary infertility: getting pregnant a second time, the causes and how to achieve it

Find out how to overcome secondary infertility and get pregnant a second time with the help of Vida Fertility – make an appointment!

17 Jun: Double gamete donation: How does It work?

Double donation is the anonymous combination of egg and sperm donation. Here, we explain what it entails and share experiences of embryo donation.

13 Jun: Spontaneous Miscarriages: Chances of Getting Pregnant

Dr. Katharina Spies explains what spontaneous miscarriages are, their causes, and the likelihood of pregnancy after experiencing one.

11 Jun: Causes of Infertility That Prevent You From Having a Baby

Why can’t I get pregnant? Dr. Katharina Spies helps us understand the causes of infertility in both men and women.

05 Jun: The Implantation window: what is it and how does it affect pregnancy?

Find out what the window of implantation is and how the ERA test can improve fertility. Learn about its benefits, results and experiences.

27 May: Fertility treatment: the 5 keys to improve results

In this article we offer you five tips that can help you improve your state of health for your fertility treatment.

22 May: Being a mother at 40 (something): possibilities, benefits and risks

Becoming a mother at 40 is possible and safe thanks to assisted reproduction and the most advanced fertility techniques

21 May: Reproductive Immunology and Fertility: how does it affect the ability to achieve an on-going pregnancy?

#Embryoimplantationfailure ? #Miscarriage ? One of the causes of not achieving #pregnancy is related to autoimmune problems. We tell you everything about #reproductiveimmunology and #fertility.

13 May: How to be a single mother in Spain: requirements and law

All about how to be a single mother in Spain: what are the requirements, what does the Assisted Reproduction Law say?

09 May: PGT-A: Preimplantational genetic test for Aneuploidy

Dr. Martinez talks about the chances of succeeding a pregnancy in fertility treatments with the PGT-A or PGS test.

03 May: Implantation Failure: Causes and Solutions for Embryo Implantation

Causes of implantation failure: speaking with Dr. Peay about the causes, the implantation duration and the bleeding.

30 Apr: Embryo Selection: How to determine if an embryo is of good quality

We talk with Dr. Álvaro Martínez about the criteria for embryo selection and answer common questions about embryo quality

26 Apr: IVF with donor sperm in Spain: The step by step at Vida Fertility

How is the donor chosen in IVF with sperm donor? We talk to Dr. Álvaro Martínez about the requirements and Spanish legislation.

23 Apr: Here’s how to administer IVF medication

Lucía Sarrión explains how to administer the medication: where to inject medication for ovarian stimulation and IVF?

17 Apr: The Answer to Choosing Your Baby’s Gender in Spain

Ana García, embryologist, explains how it is possible to choose your baby’s gender in Spain to prevent certain genetic diseases.

16 Apr: These are the normal Results for a Semen Analysis

We discuss with Dr. Álvaro Martínez about semen analysis results and how to interpret the levels of mobility, volume, morphology, and more.

15 Apr: How to know if I am fertile as a man and a woman without a doctor’s consultation

How to determine if I am fertile without a doctor’s consultation: what you need to know about your ovarian reserve and semen quality.

11 Apr: Uterine fibroids: How do they affect you to get pregnant?

What are uterine fibroids and what are the chances of pregnancy? We answer the most frequently asked questions with Dr. Santiago.

05 Apr: How hypothyroidism affects male and female fertility

Dra. Elena Santiago explains how hypothyroidism can significantly affect male and female fertility in a number of ways.

25 Mar: Bicornuate uterus and chances of pregnancy

There are different types of malformations, today we focus on the bicornuate uterus and the chances of getting pregnant.

22 Mar: The perfect match between the egg donor and the egg recipient

We talk to Dr. Daniel Bodri about phenotypic and immunological matching for donor selection in egg donation fertility treatments.

21 Mar: Microbiota: the forgotten factor in fertility

Microbiota improves success rates in fertility treatments, Dr Spies talks about microbiota and fertility.

18 Mar: Endometriosis: treatments to get pregnant

We explain which are the top assisted reproduction treatments to get pregnant with endometriosis in Spain.

14 Mar: Stages of embryonic development day by day

Once fertilisation is achieved, embryonic development is monitored through several key stages: zygote, embryo, morula and blastocyst.

07 Mar: How to improve your egg quality and get pregnant

Improving egg quality is a complex process, but there are techniques that can help you have a baby.

04 Mar: Eggs for IVF: How many eggs are needed for IVF?

What are antral follicles and how many eggs are needed for successful IVF? We talk about the importance of egg size and quality.

28 Feb: Failed IVF cycle: what to do after several unsuccessful IVF attempts

Why negative IVF? What to do after? When does the period stop? We talk to Dr. Spies about what to do after several unsuccessful attempts.

26 Feb: Genetic grief: a guide to cope with egg donation

How to overcome genetic grief in assisted reproduction and how to face egg donation as a pathway to motherhood.

26 Feb: Endocrine disruptors: what are they and how do they affect fertility?

Endocrine disruptors particularly affect reproductive and sexual health. What they are, where they are found and how they affect fertility:

21 Feb: When to switch from IVF to Egg donation by Dr. Katharina Spies

We discuss when to resort to Egg Donation and for whom it is indicated with fertility doctor Katharina Spies.

19 Feb: How men’s age affects men’s fertility: care and advice

We speak to Dr. Peay about age and men’s fertility: how does age affect reproductive ability regarding men?

19 Feb: Meet Dr. Daniel Bodri: fertility specialist at Vida Fertility Alicante

Discover the infertility gynaecologist Dr. Daniel Bodri, a leading doctor and contributor to the Vida Fertility blog.

13 Feb: Why is it hard to talk about infertility?

We talk to Dr. John Peay about why it is so hard for us to talk about infertility and the taboos that exist in society.

12 Feb: Age and women’s fertility: Up to what age can I get pregnant?

We talk to Dr. Spies about age and female fertility: Up to what age can I safely get pregnant? What are the risks associated?

07 Feb: Teratozoospermia: Definition, Causes, and Effective Treatments

Learn what teratozoospermia is, how it affects male conception, and the treatment options available to improve fertility.

07 Feb: How to select the best sperm in a fertility treatment

We talk to Dr. Alvaro Martinez about the importance of selecting the best sperm and the techniques he uses to make it possible.

06 Feb: Can I get pregnant after tubal ligation?

We talk to Dr. Spies about the chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation and the methods to achieve it.

22 Jan: Meet Dr. Alvaro Martinez, the embryology specialist and laboratory director at Vida Fertility

Meet Dr. Alvaro Martinez Moro, Vida Fertility’s laboratory director with extensive experience in the field of fertility.

18 Jan: When to see a Fertility Specialist: make the Right Decision

When to see a fertility specialist? If you’ve been trying to conceive for over 6 months and are over 35 years old, this article is for you.

17 Jan: Dr. John Peay’s method for achieving pregnancy

Dr. John Peay, assisted reproduction specialist at Vida Fertility in Madrid, speaks about fertility techniques, processes and experiences.

15 Jan: Testimonial of a single mother: “Vida Fertility is part of our story”.

Testimonial of Carine, who became a single mother thanks to Vida Fertility and shares her experience full of kindness and professionalism.

04 Jan: Double Gamete Donation: Amandine’s True Journey to Motherhood

Acknowledging fertility issues isn’t easy, and today Amandine shares her journey through double gamete donation at Vida Fertility

03 Jan: Dr Elena Santiago Reveals Her Secret to Achieving Pregnancy

Dr Elena Santiago, specialist in Assisted Reproduction at Vida Fertility in Madrid, on fertility techniques, protocols and patient care.

22 Dec: Egg donation experiences: a patient’s journey at Vida Fertility

Discover a new successful egg donation experience at Vida Fertility. A dear patient from the UK explains how an expert care leads to success.

13 Dec: Pregnancy through the ROPA Method: Lucia and Elena’s story

Lucia and Elena tell us their pregnancy story thanks to the ROPA Method at Vida Fertility. A true story about love, inclusion and motherhood.

11 Dec: Pregnant through artificial insemination: Raquel’s testimony

Raquel’s testimonial after undergoing an artificial insemination (IUI). This is her experience with assisted reproductive treatments.

29 Nov: Emotional treatment support-fertility

How does infertility emotionally impact individuals? Can the grief of fertility be overcome? Paola Rigiroli talks about emotional counseling.

27 Nov: How does Sperm Slow increase success in sperm selection?

All about the use, benefits and pregnancy rates with Sperm Slow, a breakthrough in sperm selection for assisted reproduction treatments.

24 Nov: Fertile Chip: Optimizing Success in Assisted Reproduction Treatments

FertileChip, an innovative device that facilitates the sperm selection with enhanced mobility and reduced DNA fragmentation.

17 Nov: Surplus Embryos: Options for Non-Implanted Embryos in Fertility Clinics

What happens to surplus embryos in an IVF treatment? What can be done with them? We discuss surplus embryos with Álvaro Martínez.

11 Nov: Egg freezing age limit | Age and How Eggs are Frozen in a Lab

What’s the maximum age for freezing eggs and preserving fertility? We talk to Ana García Sifre, fertility specialist embryologist at Vida Fertility.

10 Nov: Hysterosalpingography: The diagnostic test to understand your fertility

Hysterosalpingography is an X-ray test used to examine the fallopian tubes and uterine cavity.

24 Oct: This is How STDs Can Impact Fertility and Pregnancy

Discover how STDs affect fertility and pregnancy. Information on the most common STDs, their consequences on reproductive health, and key preventive measures.

23 Oct: Ovarian Stimulation in Assisted Reproduction: Questions, Duration, and Side Effects

Ovarian stimulation is a crucial step in assisted reproduction treatments. Keep reading to learn about its duration, process, and potential side effects.

19 Oct: How Cancer Affects Female and Male Fertility

How does cancer affect fertility? We speak with our experts about the effects of cancer treatment on fertility and the available options for preservation.

13 Oct: How long do PGT results take?

The results of PGD, depending on the pathology and knowledge of the disease, can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

10 Oct: How to improve endometrial thickness before IVF

A thin endometrium is one that fails to reach the necessary thickness for embryonic implantation. How can we improve its thickness?

26 Sep: Facing the Beta Wait: Symptoms, tips, and what NOT to do

In this article, we speak with Dr. John Peay about the symptoms you may experience during the beta wait. We will provide tips on how to cope with this time more effectively and offer valuable information to help you face the results of the pregnancy test.

14 Sep: The most affordable and simple solution to achieve a pregnancy

The price of an artificial insemination is the most affordable for achieving a pregnancy in fertility clinics in Madrid and Alicante.

08 Sep: Polycystic Ovaries: What they are, differences from PCOS, and treatment for achieving pregnancy

Polycystic ovaries are a hormonal condition that causes an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone. Read on to learn more…

01 Sep: Revealing Vida Fertility’s Secrets: Fertility Clinics Located in Madrid

At Vida Fertility Institute, we understand that comfort, innovation, tranquility, security, and research are essential on this journey to motherhood.

31 Aug: Endometriosis: symptoms, causes, and probability of pregnancy

Persistent pain during menstruation? Struggling to conceive? It might be endometriosis. Find answers and solutions at Vida Fertility. Our team of experts supports you on your journey to motherhood. Contact us now!

31 Aug: Oocyte Denudation in IVF: What is it, what it does, and why is it key in Assisted Reproduction

Oocyte denudation: Laboratory process to assess the maturity status of the oocytes and identify those suitable for ICSI.

25 Aug: Epigenetics and Egg Donation: Will the baby look like me?

Dreaming of becoming a mother? Second and third IVF attempts unsuccessful? Egg donation might be the assisted reproductive treatment that could open doors to motherhood for you. In the following, Dr. Katharina Spies discusses what epigenetics is, how it influences the process, and whether the future baby will resemble you physically.

28 Jul: The 5 reasons why Americans choose Europe for their fertility treatment, the third one will leave you speechless

In assisted reproduction’s field, an increasing number of Americans are opting for their fertility treatments abroud, Spain. Why?

19 May: Infertility tests: Do you know what the most frequent ones are?

Infertility tests allow us to detect the causes that are preventing you from achieving your dream of starting a family.

03 Apr: Male infertility and semen pathologies

Male infertility can be due to various causes such as heavy medication, exposure to high temperatures, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, STIs or sperm abnormalities

16 Mar: Meet Dr. Katharina Spies: fertility specialist in Vida Fertility Madrid

We want you to meet and put a face to Dr. Katharia Spies, gynecologist and Medical Director of Vida Fertility.

02 Mar: Dual Stim for patients with low ovarian reserve

Dual Stim is a protocol designed to help patients who have a low ovarian response to hormonal stimulation.

28 Feb: Fertile days: Do you know when they are?

The days when a woman is most fertile are around the middle of the cycle. In other words, day 14 of ovulation and provided the cycles are regular.

13 Jan: What is the ovarian reserve?

The ovarian reserve defines the quantity and quality the oocytes located in a woman’s two ovaries.

23 Dec: To my anonymous donor: Thank you from the bottom of my heart

A few weeks ago some patients who had just become parents through egg donation came to us. Very excited and grateful they introduced us to their baby.

21 Dec: Ovarian Puncture: Procedure, methods and FAQs

Ovarian puncture is the key step in performing IVF or egg donation. It begins with ovarian stimulation, the aim of which is to obtain as many mature oocytes as possible.

17 Nov: AMH: Key hormones in female fertility

AMH controls the production of ovarian follicles and can provide information on fertility or help detect hormonal diseases

20 Oct: The ROPA method for female couples

The ROPA method is a great way to form a family with two mothers. Here we explain what it is and what the steps are

07 Oct: Egg donation in Spain: a highly controlled process

Egg donation in Spain is by no means new, as the law authorizing gamete donation has existed for more than 30 years (1988)

05 Sep: Ovarian rejuvenation: technique, age limit and procedure

Ovarian Rejuvenation allows for improved pregnancy rates in cases of low ovarian reserve

09 Aug: Embryo transfer: how does it work?

Embryo transfer is the last step of an in vitro fertilization treatment, that is, when the embryos are obtained in the laboratory

12 Jul: Assisted Reproduction: the importance of customized treatment

The improvement of health results depends on the personalization of the treatment, and even more so if we are talking about assisted reproduction.

14 Jun: The endometrium: Does it influence my fertility?

The study of the endometrium allows us to maintain adequate conditions for the implantation of the embryos and for pregnancy to occur.

08 Jun: Egg donation: How is the egg donor selection?

In egg donation the most suitable donor for each patient is selected following certain medical criteria

22 Apr: What is infertility?

Infertility affects 1 out of 6 couples in the world. It refers to the inability to achieve a viable pregnancy after a year of sexual relations.

30 Dec: Implantation bleeding: all you need to know.

Implantation bleeding: all you need to know: t is some light bleeding that occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy.

16 Nov: Egg Donation and the 8 most frequently asked questions

Egg Donation is a very popular fertility treatment in fertility clinics

29 Oct: Egg Donation or How to be a Mum using Donor Eggs

Egg donation is a hope for those women who long to become mothers, but cannot with their own eggs