Emotional treatment support-fertility: emotional counselling

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At Vida Fertility we believe that the emotional management is a fundamental part of the AR process.

Along this journey, we observe our patients experimenting new emotions, strong feelings, concerns, need of being supported during the decision making and need of being informed about the necessary strategies and tools to constructively copying the change.

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The Emotional Counselling guarantees a personalized attention by an ART specialized profesional, in different languages (IT, EN, SP); it is avalable for all the patients who need  emotional scaffolding,  orienatation, a listening and understandment both individually and as a couple.

Consultations, leaded by Assisted Reproduction expert psychologists, have a duration of 45-60 minutes and are available by phone or videocall, from Monday to Friday at a convenient time.

Trust our team to provide you with the emotional support you need during treatment.

How can emotional counselling during fertility treatment help me and my partner?

Emotional support during fertility treatment can provide a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to express your fears, concerns, and anxieties. It can help you navigate the ups and downs of the treatment process, providing guidance and understanding from a professional psychologist specialized in assisted reproductive techniques.

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Emotional counselling | What techniques or strategies do you use to provide emotional support during fertility treatment?

Our psychologists are committed to providing comprehensive emotional support during fertility treatment. Our program incorporates a holistic approach, addressing not only the emotional aspects, but also the physical, social, and psychological factors that can impact individuals and couples going through fertility treatment.

Our counselors are skilled in offering guidance, tools, and resources to help navigate this challenging journey.

Are the counseling sessions individual or do you also offer emotional support for couples?

During fertility treatment, emotional support is essential for couples and individuals alike. With our Fertility Emotional Counseling services, you can expect personalized sessions foused into addressing the emotional aspects of your journey,  contributing to a more positive and supportive experience, foster resilience, and ultimately increase your chances of success.


What can I expect during a typical emotional counseling session for fertility treatment?

Our emotional counseling sessions for fertility treatment are conducted by a psychologist with comprehensive training in assisted reproductive techniques. They use a psychodynamic approach to help individuals and couples manage and cope with negative emotions, ranging from anxiety and depression to anger and frustration.

Through individualized sessions, you can expect professional guidance to navigate the emotional complexities associated with decisions, procedures, and outcomes throughout your fertility journey.

How frequently should we attend emotional counseling sessions while undergoing fertility treatment?

We recommend to emotional counselling ask for a sesson when you feel you need a space for an active and empathetic listening or a specific need of information (for example: how can I explain to my child about the origins?) or during a critical step of the process ( egg retrieval, post embryo transfer, negative results, miscarriages, implantation failures…)

We will be glad to follow you up after the treatment, supporting pregnancy and parenting.

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