Sperm selection

It is a type of sperm selection that allows us to choose the healthiest spermatozoa to perform the Assisted Reproduction treatment. These chips simulate the cervical and uterine pathways sperm must navigate through to naturally fertilize an egg. By mimicking this process, they allow us to separate the sperm in a healthier and more efficient way without using harmful products or centrifugation.

Who is it for?

This selection technique using chips is indicated for patients with:

  • Seminal samples with high DNA fragmentation of both single and double stranded DNA.
  • Results of previous cycles with poor or slow embryo development.
  • Repeated miscarriages.
  • Previous implantation failures.

In addition, this selection can be applied to any type of semen sample, since it reduces the percentage of sperm with fragmentation, the damage caused by the presence of oxidoreactive radicals and selects sperm with better morphology and motility.

At Vida Fertility Institute, our laboratory staff along with your doctor will be able to indicate the best sperm selection techniques according to your case.

What is the process of sperm selection
technique using chips like?

It is a process that stands out for being intuitive, simple and fast. In addition, it does not require centrifugation or sample pretreatment, avoiding possible iatrogenic damage of the process itself.

There are two types of chips: Zymot™ ICSI and Zymot™ Multi. Depending on the type of sample and the assisted reproduction technique that we are going to perform, we will use one or the other.

In both cases the fresh semen sample is placed on the chips and after an incubation of approximately 30 minutes at 37ºC we will proceed to collect the spermatozoa for their use in the chosen reproductive technique.