Vida Fertility

Our Team

IVF Specialist

Dra. Katharina Spies
Medical Director Madrid
col: 282867990

comillas-testimonial We will walk this way together comillas-testimonial

Dra. Marta Zermiani
Gynaecologist Specialized in Infertility
col: 280847526

comillas-testimonial I will accompany you with warmth and empathy comillas-testimonial

Leonor Ortega

Leonor Ortega
IVF Laboratory Director
col: 03123-CV

comillas-testimonial All my experience to help you in your first steps comillas-testimonial


Almudena Moreno

comillas-testimonial Taking care of my team is taking care of our patients comillas-testimonial


Natasa Tuñon
Responsible for International Patient Care

comillas-testimonial My goal is to convey to you your possibilities without prejudice comillas-testimonial


Isabel Sánchez
National and International Patients Coordinator

comillas-testimonial Accompanying you on this journey and making it happen is my reward comillas-testimonial


Sophie Ortells
Clinic Manager Madrid

comillas-testimonial My job: to accompany, support, advise and listen. comillas-testimonial

Nathalie Kunsch
Patient Care

comillas-testimonial I will be here to provide you with peace of mind and confidence at every stage comillas-testimonial

Sonia López
Fertility Nurse Specialist

comillas-testimonial Helping you become a mother is the most beautiful part of nursing comillas-testimonial

María Celda

comillas-testimonial We are here to help you to achieve your dreamcomillas-testimonial