Vida fertility

Our Team

Dra. Katharina Spies
Medical Director Madrid
col: 282867990

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dr hector izquierdo vida fertility

Dr. Hector Izquierdo
Medical Director Alicante
col: 03-0312760

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Dra. Marta Zermiani
Gynaecologist Specialized in Infertility
col: 280847526

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Dr. John Peay
Ginecólogo Madrid

Leonor Ortega

Leonor Ortega
IVF Laboratory Director
col: 03123-CV

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Ana García

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María Celda

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Natasa Tuñon
Responsible for International Patient Care

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Isabel Sánchez
National and International Patients Coordinator

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Nina Chauveau
Patient Care

Beatriz Pereira
Patient Care

Sabrina Messina
Patient Care

Sonia Ammouche
Patient Care