Fertility Specialists

Fertility Specialists – Meet our Team

Vida Fertility specialists have a vaste of experience in supporting and monitoring national and international patients. Our team of professionals is committed to providing fully personalised care, from setting up your medical protocol to providing emotional support.

Vida Fertility Institute Katharina Spies

Dra. Katharina Spies
Medical Director 
col: 282867990

comillas-testimonial We will walk this way together comillas-testimonial

dra elena santiago vida fertility

Dra. Elena Santiago Romero
Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist
col: 282864218

comillas-testimonial I am passionate about your dream comillas-testimonial

Dr Marta Zermiani

Dra. Marta Zermiani
Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist
col: 280847526

comillas-testimonial I will accompany you with warmth and empathy comillas-testimonial

dr john pey vida fertility

Dr. John Peay
Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist
col: 282878583

fertility specialist dr daniel bodri

Dr. Daniel Bodri
Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist
col: 03-0840059

comillas-testimonial A personalized and compassionate approach is the key to success comillas-testimonial

dra beatriz fernandez vida

Dra. Beatriz Fernández de Valderrama
Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist
col: 282885307

alvaro ivf vida fertility

Dr. Álvaro Martínez
IVF Laboratory Director

comillas-testimonial All my experience to help you in your first steps comillas-testimonial

María Celda

comillas-testimonial We are here to help you to achieve your dreamcomillas-testimonial

ana lab

Ana García

comillas-testimonial I put all my loving into the beginning of life comillas-testimonial

ada mora embriologyst vida

Ada Mora Carrillo

Vida Fertility Institute Natasa Tuñon

Natasa Tuñon
Responsible for International Patient Care

comillas-testimonial My goal is to convey to you your possibilities without prejudice comillas-testimonial

equipo Vida fertility Isabel Sánchez

Isabel Sánchez
National and International Patients Coordinator

comillas-testimonial Accompanying you on this journey and making it happen is my reward comillas-testimonial

sara tomas patient care

Sara Tomás
Patient Care

Vida Fertility Institute Nina Chauveau

Nina Chauveau
Patient Care

Vida Fertility Institute Beatriz Pereira

Beatriz Pereira
Patient Care

Vida Fertility Institute Sabrina Messina

Sabrina Messina
Patient Care

Vida Fertility Institute Sonia Ammouche

Sonia Ammouche
Patient Care

cloe atencion al paciente

Chloé Martín
Patient Care

Oriana Scaffi vida

Oriana Scaffi
Patient Care