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Vitrification, or egg freezing, is a fertility preservation technique that allows women to freeze their eggs for when they decide to become  mothers.

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Fertility Preservation through Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a fertility preservation technique that allows a woman’s eggs to be frozen until she decides to become a mother.

Indeed, the women’s fertile age and the time to start a family no longer follow the same rythm. Personal and professional situations, as well as individual decisions, often lead to postpone motherhood. Unfortunately, women’s fertility declines with age.

Egg freezing gives women the freedom and opportunity to choose.

By preserving their fertility, women can prevent future infertility problems due to their advanced age and avoid more complex assisted reproduction treatments by using their own preserved oocytes.

Through the vitrification of oocytes, the patient’s eggs are preserved with the quality they had when they were cryopreserved.

Vida Fertility egg freezing

Over 35, the quality of eggs decreases

For this reason, at Vida Fertility we recommend freezing your eggs before the age of 37 to guarantee their good quality and ensure a pregnancy whener will be the most appropriate time for the future mother.

Vitrification is a rapid egg freezing technique. They are preserved in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196º C, thus maintaining their characteristics at the time they were cryopreserved.

Who is Egg vitrification for?

This technique is recommended for:

Recommended before the age of 37.

Young women who wish to become mothers in the future.


Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Medication with impact on fertility with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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what is the process

Egg Freezing, and then what?

Oocytes can be stored for as long as the patient wishes. Whether this is  for 1 year or for 10 years, their quality won’t be altered.

To be used, the frozen eggs will have to be in vitro fertilised (IVF), in order to obtain embryos in the laboratory and transfer them to the patient’s uterus. The chances of success of IVF with previously vitrified oocytes will depend on the number of oocytes preserved and the woman’s age at the time of vitrification.

Egg Freezing process in Spain?

First Diagnostic Consultation

During this first visit, we will assess your case and design the best treatment plan for you and your needs.

We adapt to your availability and schedule everything to avoid any unnecessary stress in your daily life.

Ovarian stimulation

The objective of IVF treatment is to obtain as many eggs as possible. For this, an ovarian stimulation is performed, with the daily administration of hormones through subcutaneous injections, to enhance follicular growth. This first phase usually lasts between 10 and 14 days during which we monitor your ovarian response by ultrasound. Once we observe by ultrasound that the follicles have reached an adequate size, we induce ovulation with a final injection of the hormone bHCG and schedule the date for your ovarian puncture.

Ovarian puncture

It is a simple and quick procedure (about 15 minutes) that is performed under light sedation to avoid any discomfort. During the puncture we extract by a slight aspiration follicular fluid containing your follicles where the oocytes that have developed during that cycle. It is performed by transvaginal ultrasound and does not require hospitalization, so recovery is quick and you can resume your normal life.

Vitrification of oocytes

After the puncture, the mature eggs obtained are vitrified (frozen). It is a safe process and allows the oocyte quality to be preserved intact. The eggs will remain in maintenance, with no time limit, until you find the ideal moment to embark on the road to motherhood.

egg freezing
egg freezing in Spain

Why freezing your eggs in Spain?

Egg freezing in Spain to preserve their fertility is a treatment chosen by many international women. Spain offers many advantages: no waiting list to start the treatment (which is key to preserve the eggs quality), access to innovative techniques and protocols, and no age limit for this technique.