Witness System

What is the Witness System?

The Witness systmen is a tool used in Vida Fertility’s assisted reproduction laboratories that allows traceability and control of all the biological material of each patient (eggs, sperm and embryos).

The implementation of this objective and safe system allows us to prevent the possible confusion that may occur during the manipulation of them.

what is the process

Who is for?

All our patients benefit from this system, since it is used whenever a sample arrives to our laboratories to detect and control all activities we perform.

At Vida Fertility we are comitted to safety and to transmitting confidence to our patients, the Witness system helps us to have all the necessary transparency.

How is the Witness system process?

The  system allows gamete and embryo samples to be monitored and identified by radio frequency.  All work areas in the laboratory and the clinic rooms where these sample may go through are equiped with radiofrequency readers.

At the beginning of the treatment, each patient is provided with an identification card. This will be the starting point of all processes. This card will be introduced into the readers and used to progress to the next stages. In addition, every time a sample comes into contact with a laboratory work area, the wireless receivers will automatically check its identity. This way, we know exactly who, when, how and where these biological samples were handled.

how is the witness sistem
Preimplantation Genetic Testing

In the event of an error in the allocation of gametes, the Witness System emits an acoustic signal alerting us of a miss-matching that paralyses the process until it is resolved.

For example, for her egg retrieval and then her embryo transfer, the patient would introduce her identification card in the reader located in the operating room, avoiding any doubt or mistake in the lab before the procedures.