regenerative medicine

The use of regenerative medicine has gone from being an experimental treatment to a pioneering treatment that improves clinical results in common treatments. Thanks to its versatility, this technology allows to obtain different formulations of plasma rich in growth factors that can be adapted to different clinical uses, such as traumatology, cosmetic medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry and reproductive medicine.

Therefore, in Vida Fertility we are committed to offer the best service to our patients and we use a regenerative medicine technique based on growth factors (PRGF) through a closed system with CE marking that allows us a quick preparation of blood plasma in sterile conditions and immediate application.

Medicina Regenerativa

For whom is Regenerative Medicine indicated?

It is indicated for those patients who have a lower reproductive prognosis than that desired. Patients with low ovarian reserve, patients with endometrial atrophy or refractory endometrium, which are endometria that do not reach the expected thickness to ensure the success of the transfer, or patients with recurrent implantation failures.

What is the process in
Regenerative Medicine like?

The technique is based on obtaining plasma from the patient herself through a blood collection. After the enriched plasma is obtained and processed, it is injected at the endometrial or ovarian level. It is a simple process without allergic reactions as it is an autologous process.


Techniques Associated
with Regenerative Medicine

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