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Ovarian & Endometrial Rejuvenation

Regenerative medicine is no longer experimental and has become one of the pioneering treatments for improving clinical outcomes of Assisted Reproduction Treatments (ART). Thanks to this technology, we can obtain different kinds of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) that can be used in many clinical fields, such as traumatology, cosmetic medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry and reproductive medicine.

In assisted reproduction, this technique is used to improve ovarian (ovarian rejuvenation) or endometrial (endometrial regeneration) response to standard treatments.

For example, in the case of ovarian stimulation, it can be applied to help the ovaries produce more follicles over a cycle, or in the case of endometrial preparation to improve the sickness of the endometrial lining.

At Vida Fertility, we want to offer the best possible service to our patients. We use a regenerative medicine technique based on growth factors (PRGF) using a sterile, CE-certified system that allows us a quick preparation of blood plasma in sterile conditions for its immidiate application.

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Who is the ovarian rejuvenation or the endometrial regeneration for?

Regenerative Medicine is indicated for patients who have had lower reproductive outcomes than expected in previous cycles. For instance, patients with low ovarian reserve, patients with recurrent implantation failures, patients with endometrial atrophy or with what is known as a refractory endometrium that do not reach the expected thickness to ensure the success of the embryo transfer.

Ovarian rejuvenation process

The regenerative medicine technique is based on obtaining the patient’s own plasma from her blood sample.

Once the plasma has been prepared and enriched with growth factors, it is injected into her ovaries. This is a simple process with no allergic reactions, as it is an autologous treatment. The procedure will be carried out under anaesthesia to avoid any pain or disconfort.

The number of injections and cycles will also depend on each patient and her response to the treatment. In general, two injections over two cycles are required for the ovarian rejuvenation. This technique will help to improve the quantity of the follicles for the next ovarian stimulation.

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Endometrial regeneration process

As with ovarian rejuvenation, the first step is to obtain the patient’s plasma from a sample of her blood and prepare it so it will be rich with growth factors.

The plasma is then introduced into the endometrium, in the uterine cavity. This is a very simple and painless process, with no need for anaesthesia. The process will need to be repeated 3 times during the endometrial preparation prior to the embryo transfer.

Rejuvenation medicine in Spain

Spain is an international reference when it comes to assisted reproduction and offers to international patients a wide range of innovative solutions and techniques to treat their infertility. Vida Fertility is a clinic that incorporates the most advanced techniques and offers ovarian rejuvenation and endometrial regeneration in a totally personalised way, according to the needs of each patient.

Techniques & Tehnologies used with Regenerative Medicine

The latest scientific advances along with cutting-edge technologies and a team of top-notch professionals provide the security you need as a patient to get pregnant and to give life to your baby.

PGT-A - ROPA method

Preimplantational Genetic Test (PGT-A)

inmunologia endometrial
compatibilidad genetica

Genetic Compatibility Test (GCT)

test ERA

Endometrial Receptivity Test (ERA)

time lapse

Embryo development with Time-Lapse Technology

Price of regenerative medicine

The cost of regenerative medicine treatments may vary depending on each patient’s medical history. At Vida Fertility, we understand that each case is different and that each patient requires a 100% personalised treatment. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing the price of regenerative medicine treatments in our clinics in Madrid or Alicante, the first step would be to schedule a fertility consultation with one of our specialists in Reproductive Medicine. You will receive a complete analysis of your situation and a personalised cost estimate.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Success stories thanks to regenerative medicine

Discover how regenerative medicine in our Vida Fertility clinics increases successful results. These are real testimonials of women who achieved pregnancy thanks to ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation.

Chloe's mom

It is incredible how from absolute resignation, these doctors lifted my spirits. They got me pregnant and gave me my Life back. They live up to their name.

Oliver's mom

I had to find a solution to my motherhood if I wanted to pursue my career and not settle for just any partner. I made the right choice.

Lucas' mom

I felt from the first moment I was listened to, understood and, above all, I felt that my treatment was finally going in the right direction.


Hello dear Mrs Ortega,
you and the whole team of Vida fertility make us so happy. Finally a relief that we can be helped! Many thanks to you and all the others for the great care and exceptional quality work. This high quality means a lot to us. We hope that in 2024 we can take a healthy baby full of love into our arms.❤️


Thanks to Dr. Kathi’s support and by following all her advice, the best moment of the treatment came: I got pregnant.


I didn’t know if I would ever be able to get pregnant and now I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy.


It hasn’t been easy an easy journey. But after two attempts, I’m happy to say that, in two months’ time, I’ll be meeting my little girl.

Lucy and Helen

Being able to experience this shared motherhood has been a gift for the two of us.
THANK YOU to this great team for everything!

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We highly recommend Vida Fertility to anyone who has already given up hope and wants to give it one last try.