Can I get pregnant after tubal ligation?

Tubal Ligation

Life circumstances often change, and with them, the desires and plans for motherhood. We talked to Dr. Spies about the possibilities of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation.

Today, there are two main methods for a woman with tubal ligation to achieve pregnancy:

What is tubal ligation?

Tubal ligation is a surgical contraceptive procedure that blocks the transport of eggs and sperm in the fallopian tubes, thus preventing fertilisation and pregnancy.

This procedure, commonly performed using the Pomeroy technique, involves cutting, tying or cauterising the fallopian tubes. It can be performed laparoscopically or by laparotomy.

It is highly effective and is recommended for women who do not wish to have more children, although in some cases, women opt to reverse this procedure or resort to assisted reproduction to achieve a pregnancy in the future.

We discuss how to get pregnant after tubal ligation below.

Tubal Ligation Reversal

Getting pregnant after tubal ligation | Tubal Ligation Reversal

Tubal ligation reversal is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring fertility in women who have previously undergone tubal ligation.

This surgery involves reconnecting the fallopian tubes to allow the passage of eggs again and facilitate the possibility of conceiving naturally.

Is tubal reversal effective in achieving pregnancy?

The effectiveness of tubal reversal can vary depending on several factors, including the woman’s age and general health.

Although it is technically feasible to reconstruct the fallopian tubes, this procedure may be less effective than opting for IVF. This is because, after surgery, the tubes must regain not only their patency but also their functionality to transport the egg.

If you are considering this option or exploring other fertility alternatives, at Vida Fertility we can offer you expert advice and help you determine the most suitable treatment for you.

Tubal Ligation

IVF and Other Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Having a tubal ligation does not lead to menopause. Women who undergo this sterilisation procedure maintain their regular menstrual cycle, including ovulation and menstruation.

This is why In Vitro Fertilisation – IVF is presented as an effective and popular solution among fertility treatments after tubal ligation.

This procedure involves the fertilisation of the egg outside the body and its subsequent implantation in the uterus. In addition, there are other assisted reproductive techniques after tubal ligation that can be tailored to the specific needs of each woman, offering personalised options for achieving pregnancy.

These advanced techniques increase the real possibilities for those who wish to become mothers after tubal ligation.

Getting pregnant after tubal ligation: Personalised assessment and the importance of a good diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis allows for the identification of the most appropriate tubal ligation fertility options, ensuring a treatment plan that fits each patient’s individual needs and maximises the chances of success on the path to parenthood.

According to Dr. Spies: “A proper medical diagnosis is crucial for a woman to become a mother in order to choose the most effective fertility treatment, especially in cases where conception is desired after tubal ligation. A personalised approach is essential, as every woman has unique circumstances”.

tubal ligation

Success Stories and Testimonials on Vida Fertility

Chloe's mom

It is incredible how from absolute resignation, these doctors lifted my spirits. They got me pregnant and gave me my Life back. They live up to their name.

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I had to find a solution to my motherhood if I wanted to pursue my career and not settle for just any partner. I made the right choice.

Lucas' mom

I felt from the first moment I was listened to, understood and, above all, I felt that my treatment was finally going in the right direction.


Hello dear Mrs Ortega,
you and the whole team of Vida fertility make us so happy. Finally a relief that we can be helped! Many thanks to you and all the others for the great care and exceptional quality work. This high quality means a lot to us. We hope that in 2024 we can take a healthy baby full of love into our arms.❤️


Thanks to Dr. Kathi’s support and by following all her advice, the best moment of the treatment came: I got pregnant.


I didn’t know if I would ever be able to get pregnant and now I’m in my 5th month of pregnancy.


It hasn’t been easy an easy journey. But after two attempts, I’m happy to say that, in two months’ time, I’ll be meeting my little girl.

Lucy and Helen

Being able to experience this shared motherhood has been a gift for the two of us.
THANK YOU to this great team for everything!

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We highly recommend Vida Fertility to anyone who has already given up hope and wants to give it one last try.

Testimony on egg donation

A huge thank you to the entire Vida Fertility team, especially to Sophie and Dr. Spies, who helped us achieve the wonderful project of expanding our family.

We met a very competent team who perfectly guided and advised us on the medical choices to make at each stage of our journey. 🫶

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