When to see a Fertility Specialist: Make the Right Decision

when to see a fertility specialist

When Should I See a Fertility Specialist? If you’re considering having a baby but facing some challenges, this article is for you. We spoke with Dr. Elena Santiago about the crucial time to visit a reproductive expert and what to expect during your first consultation.

What Does a Fertility Specialist Do?

A fertility specialist is a skilled gynaecologist who assists patients in becoming parents. Sometimes, conceiving a baby can be challenging, and these experts have specialised knowledge and skills to help.

Their role goes beyond just helping patients conceive; it also involves analysing clinical of the results obtained from fertility tests conducted on patients.

When should I see a Fertility Specialist?

Dr. Elena Santiago advises, “If you’ve been trying to conceive for over a year (or six months if you’re over 35) without success, it’s a good time to consult a fertility specialist.”

Additionally, if you’re aware of health issues that could affect your fertility, such as uterine problems, diabetes, celiac disease, or if your partner has related issues, a specialist can diagnose exactly why you’re not conceiving and provide adapted fertility solutions.

Miscarriages and Achieving Pregnancy

Miscarriages, often a result of an abnormal embryo development, are a significant concern. If you’ve experienced more than two spontaneous miscarriages, a specialist should investigate the reasons behind them.

How Can Vida Fertility Assist You in Achieving Pregnancy?

Vida Fertility offers a tailored and expert approach to reproductive medicine to achieve pregnancy.

With a team of highly skilled specialists, the clinic provides a comprehensive range of advanced fertility treatments and infertility tests.

These range from initial assessments and thorough diagnostics to specialised procedures such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Egg Donation.

At Vida Fertility, the focus is on identifying and treating fertility issues while providing comprehensive support and guidance every step of your way to parenthood.

probabilidad de embarazo cuando ir a un especialista en fertilidad

What Happens During a First Fertility Consultation at Vida Fertility?

For their first online or on site fertility consultation, patients typically bring their medical history. If they don’t have prior analyses like a karyotype, a fertility study may be suggested. The aim isn’t to jump straight into fertility treatments but to first conduct a deep and straightforward examination of the patients.

Having a consultation with a fertility expert doesn’t necessarily mean assisted reproduction treatment will be needed. This initial study can reassure the couple or identify potential infertility factors for an possible treatment.

For couples over 35 or with a fertility-affecting history, it’s advised to start this study after 6 months to not diminish the chances of success of any future treatments.

when to see a fertility specialist

When should I see a Fertility Specialist? Book an Appointment with Vida Fertility Clinic

If you think it’s time to see a specialist, Vida Fertility can offer you the tranquillity and solutions you need. We have a team of well-prepared and experienced professionals, along with new facilities at our approved centres in in Madrid and Alicante, fully equipped with the latest technology.