When to resort to Egg Donation by Dr. Katharina Spies

When to resort to Egg Donation

After several unsuccessful and negative IVF cycles we should consider the possibility of egg donation. In this article we talk to Dr. Spies about how and when to turn to egg donation, focusing on the importance of an accurate medical diagnosis, and why, in some cases, egg donation is not only an option, but also the way to fulfill the dream of becoming a mother.

In vitro fertilisation – IVF, the fertility treatment par excellence

IVF or in vitro fertilisation is the initial treatment for most of those facing reproductive difficulties, being female age and oocyte quality crucial factors for its success.

Every year as she gets older, the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decrease, which can lead to unsuccessful IVF attempts. At Vida Fertility, before any treatment, we conduct a detailed assessment to identify the reasons behind these previous failures.

Dr Spies, medical director of Vida Fertility, explains: “here, I consider that my role is to provide empathy and support on top of my medical expertise. Every woman is unique, so is every journey to motherhood of my patients”.

Ovarian reserve: the decision trigger for when to resort to Egg Donation

The evaluation of the ovarian reserve is key when you need to decide on which assisted reproduction treatment.

It is determined by combined factors such as:

1. Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) test: Through a blood test, we measure the level of the AMH that gives us a good indication of the number of eggs remaining in the ovaries. A low AMH may indicate a low ovarian reserve.

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2. Antral Follicle Count (AFC): A transvaginal ultrasound imaging is performed to assess the number of antral follicles present in the ovaries, which are small fluid-filled structures that contain immature eggs. This count provides a direct estimate of the ovarian reserve.

3. FSH and Oestradiol hormone tests: essential to evaluate ovarian function and ovarian reserve in assisted reproduction. Performed on the third day of the cycle, they indicate the viability of treatments such as IVF. Elevated FSH or abnormal oestradiol levels suggest low ovarian reserve, which is crucial to determine the most appropriate therapeutic approach and whether egg donation is a viable option for pregnancy.

All of the above tests are vital to guide treatment decisions and to consider turning to egg donation in cases of low ovarian reserve or poor oocyte quality.

When to turn to Egg Donation

Egg Donation emerges as a solution when the ovarian reserve does not allow a realistic pregnancy, significantly increasing the chances of success in cases of low quality eggs.

This fertility technique eases the process of getting pregnant, ensuring compatibility and health of the eggs through advanced selection methods.

However, choosing this route involves overcoming the emotional challenge of giving up the genetic link to the future child, known as genetic grief. At Vida Fertility, we provide the support and counselling you need to make this decisive choice.

The Emotional Journey to Egg Donation

The transition from IVF to egg donation is both an emotional and medical choice, marking a crucial step on the road to parenthood.

At Vida Fertility, we are committed to offering support and medical expertise, personalising each fertility treatment and understanding that this change of direction can be a new opportunity and hope to become a mother.

We deeply respect each woman’s personal decision, providing an environment that fosters understanding and acceptance of this new beginning towards realising the dream of motherhood.

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