Double Gamete Donation: Amandine’s True Journey to Motherhood

experiencia doble donacion

At Vida Fertility, we’ve received a touching letter from Amandine, a French patient who became pregnant through double gamete donation.

Amandine, after seven unsuccessful attempts of artificial insemination (AI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with negative results and a miscarriage, discovered the double donation treatment and today shares her experience with double donation.

What is Double Gamete Donation?

Double gamete donation is an assisted reproduction technique that combines egg donation with sperm from a donor.

This treatment is suitable for a variety of patients:

  • Single women who cannot use their own gametes
  • Female couples
  • Heterosexual couples facing issues with poor sperm and egg quality

Double gamete donation represents a valuable option for those seeking parenthood but experiencing significant fertility problems. It is notable for having the highest success rate among fertility treatments, offering real hope to those who dream of starting a family.


Amandine’s Double Gamete Donation Experience

A baby under the tree 🌲

One year ago, Christmas of 2022.

I’m sad, devastated. Seven attempts (AI, IVF), and seven negative betas. A miscarriage. I’m alone. Celebrating Christmas… Christmas, the children’s holiday… I feel lost. With the impression that I’ll never be happy. That Nature has decided motherhood isn’t for me. Even worse, that I don’t deserve to be a mother… I’ve completely lost confidence in myself.

My gynecologist, one of the fairies on my journey, accompanies me as gently as she can. And she suggests the idea of double gamete donation. At first, I don’t listen. I’m in the dark. Lights are on in homes, but not in mine. And then, I begin my research on double donation, reading testimonies from parents, geneticists, psychologists.

The idea matures within me. I stand out among these testimonies… Do you want a child of your own, or do you want to be a mum? The answer is obvious. I want to be a mum. I need to change clinics and find a humane clinic that will support me, that will take care of me. I find Vida Fertility.

From the first contact, I feel the sweetness, the attention, the generosity of the ENTIRE team (the gynecologists, coordinators, nurses, all of them offered me warmth and comfort). It’s a crush.

Your first contact with Vida Fertility team

I embark with confidence on this new stage: double donation IVF. Thanks to the Vida team, two fairy godmothers, the donors, today I’m four months pregnant. My pregnancy is going very, very well. I prepare for Christmas with stars in my eyes. And the lights are finally on at home.

Happiness never comes alone; I’m now accompanied by a dad, which fills me with happiness. To those of you who despair, who doubt, who suffer because you’re not a mum, to all of you, families, who finally want to grow and build, never lose hope.

Thanks to the entire Vida Fertility team, my dream is coming true. This baby, even though they don’t share our DNA, is a baby born out of love. We will tell them their story, and Vida Fertility Madrid will be a part of their life.

THANK YOU to all our Fairies 🧚 To all, have a happy and sweet Christmas 🎄

Amandine ⭐️

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