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There are many cases we see in consultation where endometrial receptivity is the key to successful treatment. We talked to Dr. Elena Santiago about the EndomeTRIO Test, an analysis that combines the ERA, EMMA and ALICE tests to provide a complete evaluation of the endometrium.

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What is the endometrial factor?

Endometrial factor refers to the conditions and characteristics of the endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, that affect the ability of an embryo to implant and the success of a pregnancy.

The endometrium must be in a receptive state for the embryo to implant properly. Abnormalities in this factor can contribute to infertility and failure of assisted reproductive treatments.

What does the EndomeTRIO test consist of?

EndomeTRIO is a set of three advanced tests that evaluate different aspects of the endometrium to improve the chances of embryo implantation.

These tests are the ERA Test, the EMMA Test and the ALICE Test.

ERA test

The ERA test or Endometrial Receptivity Array test analyses the genetic expression of the endometrium to determine whether it is in a receptive state. This test helps to identify the precise window of implantation, allowing for a personalised embryo transfer.

EMMA test

The EMMA Test (Endometrial Microbiome Metagenomic Analysis) evaluates the endometrial microbiome. It analyses the presence of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and detects microbial imbalances that may affect endometrial receptivity and pregnancy success.

ALICE test

The ALICE (Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis) test detects chronic endometrial infections caused by pathogenic bacteria. Identifying and treating these infections is crucial to improve endometrial conditions and increase implantation rates.

What is the procedure for the EndomeTRIO test at Vida Fertility?

The procedure for the EndomeTRIO test includes the following steps:

  • Initial consultation: Assessment and test planning with one of our fertility specialists.
  • Endometrial biopsy: Extraction of a sample of endometrial tissue.
  • Laboratory analysis: The sample is sent to the laboratory for ERA, EMMA and ALICE testing.
  • Results and recommendations: The specialist reviews the results and offers personalised recommendations to optimise the embryo transfer.

Who can perform the EndomeTRIO test?

The EndomeTRIO test is indicated in the following cases:

Frequent questions from patients

What does the EndomeTRIO test consist of and what results does it offer?

Dr. Elena Santiago answers

The EndomeTRIO test is a combination of three tests that analyse endometrial receptivity, the endometrial microbiome and the presence of chronic infections. The results provide detailed information about the best time for embryo transfer and the condition of the endometrium, thus increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

What are the differences between the EMMA test and traditional microbial culture?

Dr. Elena Santiago answers

The EMMA test uses advanced metagenomic technology to analyse the entire endometrial microbiome, providing a more complete and accurate picture of the bacteria present. In contrast, traditional microbial culture only detects a limited number of bacteria, which can result in less accurate diagnoses.

What is the price of the EndomeTRIO test?

Dr. Elena Santiago answers

The price of the EndomeTRIO test can vary depending on the clinic and country. In general, it is a significant investment due to the advanced technology used and the potential benefits for improving fertility treatment success rates. It is recommended to consult with the clinic for an accurate quote.

Does the EndomeTRIO test hurt?

Dr. Elena Santiago answers

The EndomeTRIO test involves an endometrial biopsy, which may cause some mild discomfort or pain similar to a menstrual cramp. Most patients tolerate the procedure well and any discomfort is usually temporary.


The EndomeTRIO test provides a comprehensive assessment of the endometrium to improve the chances of success in fertility treatments.

If you have any questions or are interested in taking this test or any of the tests included, we invite you to contact our specialists at Vida Fertility.

We are here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a mother.

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