Mariana’s secondary infertility: testimonial of what it’s like to undergo IVF with PGT-A

testimonio infertilidad secundaria por fiv

Our patients are often women who struggle to conceive their second child: multiple failed IVF cycles or IUI, they usually feel disheartened but still have hope to get pregnant. 

Yet we shouldn’t forget that reproductive medicine succeeds even with very complex cases. This testimonial of a secondary infertility is Mariana’s, our brave 38-year-old patient who, after several failed IVF attempts, successfully became pregnant with a girl through in vitro fertilisation with PGT-A.

Secondary infertility testimonial

What led you to contact Vida Fertility?

We contacted Vida Fertility because we were trying for a second child. After years of trying to conceive naturally, we sought advice from Vida.

How did you get to know Vida Fertility?

We got to know Vida in the most beautiful way possible—some friends had a great experience with you, and following their recommendation, we decided to schedule a first visit with Silvia and Dr. Katharina Spies.

What stood out during your first visit to the fertility clinic in Madrid?

We liked Vida from our very first consultation with Dr. Spies.

I would highlight the warm welcome from the professionals, their experience and dedication, personalised care, and the very welcoming atmosphere of the fertility clinic in Madrid.

What was your worst moment during your fertility treatment? And your best one?

The most difficult was, after starting the treatment, to take the medication every day … and to receive a negative pregnancy result after the first attempt.

Thanks to Dr. Kathi’s support and by following all her advice, the best moment of the treatment came: I got pregnant.

Have you felt well supported throughout this process by the clinic, family and friends?

Yes, no doubt about it, I felt supported at all times.

The process of an assisted reproductive treatment is challenging as you have to go through different phases, and you need a lot of patience until you finally achieve your goal. That’s why emotional support from close people and professionals in charge of your treatment is so crucial at this time.

What is secondary infertility?

Secondary infertility is when you cannot get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term, even though you have already had one or more children naturally before. It is an infertility which can have the same causes as primary infertility and others specific to its condition, such as:

What would you say to someone going through a similar situation?

I would tell all women who want to be mothers not to lose hope. Keep seeking your pregnancy with patience and look for qualified and empathetic professionals to be by your side and who will help make this process as smooth as possible.

equipo al completo Vida Fertility

One last question about your secondary infertility testimonial: Would you recommend Vida Fertility?

I would definitely recommend Vida Fertility. It was a the best decision to undergo our treatment with them. The doctor, nurses, the whole team is so human and empathetic that they make you feel you are not alone.

And with Christmas around the corner, our best gift will arrive in 1 month. Our daughter, little sister to our son Mateo. We are all very happy and eager to meet her.

This testimonial about a secondary infertility is one of many real stories that make us grow every day. We are so happy to offer our patients such an all-inclusive package: a team of fertility specialists, up to date with the new techniques of the field, fully equipped facilities with state-of-the-art technology, and patients who trust us. It all makes it easier for us to achieve our common dream, having your baby.