The IVF for female couples or ROPA method

ropa method, ivf for female couples

The ROPA method is a great way to form a family with two mothers. Here we explain what it is and what the steps are.

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What are the ways to have a child for female couples?

Many people and women’s couples wonder how they can have a baby. Thanks to progress and advances in technology, women’s couples now have the freedom and choice to have a child in the same way as heterosexual couples.

The possible ways to become a parent are as follows :
ROPA method, ivf for female couples

What is the ROPA method or IVF for a female couples?

One of the most common techniques offered by our clinic is the ROPA method (Receipt of Oocytes from the Partner). The ROPA method is one of the assisted reproduction techniques for female couples who wish to have a child.

It is based on an in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment which aims to take the oocytes of one of the two women and then fertilise them with the sperm of a donor. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the other partner. This technique allows both partners to participate equally in childbearing.

What is the ROPA process?

The ROPA treatment consists of several steps:

  • Ovarian stimulation: with the daily injection of hormones that help the growth of several follicles, thus obtaining a good number of mature oocytes.
  • In vitro fertilisation between oocytes and donor sperm.
  • Transfer of the embryos obtained into the previously prepared uterus of the woman.

Approximately ten days later, an analysis is carried out to check whether the embryo has implanted and confirm a potential pregnancy. If more than one embryo is obtained, these can be cryopreserved for future pregnancies.

This technique differs from artificial insemination or in vitro fertilisation with donor sperm where only one woman is involved.

Who are the sperm donors in Spain?

In Spain, sperm donation is completely anonymous and voluntary. But don’t worry, the legislation involves a selection process for sperm donors that follows very strict criteria. Indeed, the 2006 law on assisted reproduction in Spain establishes a list of legal and medical requirements that the donor must meet. The donor must be between 18 and 45 years of age, although most private clinics will not consider men over 35-40. He must not suffer from genetic, hereditary or infectious diseases that can be transmitted to offspring.

For example, people with an adoption history cannot be sperm donors because it is impossible to know their background.

No risky practices and negative serology (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis). Therefore, any sexually transmitted disease (STD) is excluded.

It should be noted that the maximum number of children born in Spain with gametes from the same donor cannot exceed 6. And of course, he must have excellent sperm quality.

In addition to all the medical criteria for sperm donation, the selection of the donor should be made according to your physical characteristics, respecting skin colour and ethnicity.

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Who is the ROPA method for?

More and more women in lesbian couples are now turning to the ROPA method and it is open to all women in couples who wish to participate in the assisted reproduction process together.

However, before doing a treatment, our medical team will have to check if this treatment is suitable for you, and if it is the protocol that will give you the best chance of success.

Before a ROPA treatment, we will need to check:
  • The ovarian reserve of the woman wishing to donate her eggs.
  • The endometrial response of the woman wishing to carry the child

Finally, for both of them, we will have to carry out general health examinations to check that there are no contraindications for a treatment and a pregnancy.