Pregnancy through the ROPA Method: Lucia and Elena’s story

ROPA testimonio

Today, we’ll know about the pregnancy through the ROPA Method of Lucia and Elena, a lovely couple of 34 and 35 years old. They’ve decided to make their dream of becoming mothers come true thanks to an assisted reproductive treatment only available for couples of women known as the ROPA Method in Spain. After looking at several fertility centres in Madrid, they chose Vida Fertility, 100% confident that they’ve found the right place to start their shared motherhood.

What is the shared motherhood?

The ROPA Method, also known as Reception of the Oocyte’s PArtner, is a valuable option for couples of women where both wish to play an active role in their fertility journey. In this process, after fertilising the eggs of one of the mothers with sperm from an anonymous donor, one of the embryos is transferred into the uterus of the other mother, who will the one pregnant who will then give birth to the baby.

This fertility treatment at Vida Fertility is personalised, with a detailed assessment of each patient and an accurate diagnosis that will guide and support the choice of the most appropriate treatment for each couple.

The ROPA Method Experience

Since their first contact with the clinic, Lucia and Elena’s experience with the ROPA Method at Vida Fertility stood out for its close and professional care. Every step of the process was marked by the full dedication of the team, led by Dr. Katharina Spies. Dr. Spies’s clear an detailed explanations were key and gave them the trust they needed all along the process.

In this journey, they faced challenging moments, especially the negative pregnancy test, which made them realised the complexity of the process and its psychological impact.

“At Vida, they always had the empathy to accompany us in those difficult moments, and they never failed in giving us encouragement and confidence,” remember Lucia and Elena.

tratamientos de fertilidad
Lucía y Elena

The shared motherhood best moments

The best part of the treatment came with the exciting news of the positive pregnancy test along with the magical sound of the baby’s heartbeat during the first ultrasound. In this instant, all the previous challenges faded away, giving meaning and value to every step of the journey they’ve been though.

The commitment of Vida Fertility’s team went beyond any professional relationship; they shared with us the disappointments and celebrated with us our joys as part of a family. Although they had strong support at home, the understanding of the clinic was priceless.

ROPA Method at Vida Fertility: this is the letter we’ve received

From minute one, all the team and the whole experience itself stood out for the close and professional care we’ve received. We felt supported by a great team during the whole process, especially by Dr. Spies with the confidence she transmitted us through the clarity of her explanations.

The worst moments, without a doubt, have been the negative results, which make you realise the complexity of the process and the number of factors that can influence it, and how hard it is psychologically.

At Vida, they always had the empathy to accompany us in those difficult moments, and they never let us down during those difficult moments, and they never failed in giving us encouragement and confidence.

The best moment was the morning when they gave us the positive beta wait , together with the moment of the first ultrasound with the sound of the baby’s heartbeat, at that moment everything we had suffered before faded away and made it all worthwhile and meaningful.

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Would you recommend Vida Fertility to other couples who’d like to do the ROPA Method?

We encourage couples of women like us to live this beautiful experience of sharing motherhood.

We recommend visiting several clinics and then choose the one that you trust the most, as we did with Vida, where we personally felt a more personal and humane approach and care.

Being able to experience this shared motherhood has been a gift for the two of us.

THANK YOU to this great team for everything!


Lucia and Elena encourage other couples to live this beautiful experience of shared motherhood. Their advice is clear: visit several clinics and choose the one that inspires the most trust and personal connection. For them, Vida Fertility was more than a clinic and gave them a priceless gift: living a shared motherhood.