Take the first step. Everything you need to kow about Refound IVF Programmes

Refund guarantee IVF Programme

Take the first step. Everything you need to kow about Refound IVF Programmes

Refund guarantee IVF Programme

Webinar – Sat. 27 April at 10am UK time

Why it is beneficial for fertility patients to enrol into a Refund Guarantee IVF programme?

A detailed description of what is a refund guarantee programme and what are the several benefits for a fertility patient to choose such a programme rather than a single cycle. Explanation of all processes and conditions as well as what is included in such a live birth guarantee programme.

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Dimitris Kavakas is the International Director of Redia IVF and Access Fertility. He founded Redia IVF and leading it for 7 years until its incorporation into Access Fertility. He has a long experience in the Fertility business sector and has been a speaker in several conferences/symposium/events related to Fertility cross-border Travel. He has a PhD from Leeds University and has had a long academic career before entering into business.

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