Free fertility consultation in London

With Dr. Héctor Izquierdo, medical director, gynaecologist and fertility expert at Vida Fertility Alicante - Spain
Private medical fertility consultation in London – 10th & 11th Nov
IVF Consultation in London Vida Fertility Spain

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Book your individual consultation with our medical director, gynaecologist and fertility specialist, Dr. Héctor Izquierdo.

Dr Izquierdo will be in London with your personal assistant Natasa on the 10th and 11th of November. A unique opportunity to discuss your diagnosis and get the answers to all your questions about IVF treatments in Spain.

What to expect from your individual appointment?

  • Free consultation face-to-face with a top gynaecologist, specialised in fertility.
  • Guidance on future tests (if needed), timelines and steps to follow for your treatment in Spain.
  • Development of an individualised treatment and therapy plan.
  • Professional support and fertility options that suits you and your needs.

Reservation required – Ask for your consultation now. Your personal assistant will get back to you to prepare your appointment with free time slots available.

We are here to help you becoming parents as soon as possible, adapting every step of the way to your medical and personal needs and wishes. Let’s talk about it!

Vida Fertility Institute Hector izquierdo

Dr Héctor Izquierdo

After high school in NY, Héctor went to Europe; first to study medicine and gynaecology & obstetrics in Germany; and then to specialise in Human Reproduction in Spain.

Thanks to his large experience with international patients, he specialized in complex cases like immunology issues, recurrent implantation failure or miscarriages. Héctor is now Medical Director of Vida Fertility Alicante.

He is fluent in English, German and Spanish. As a former fertility patient himself, he establishes a very human and close relation with his patients.

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